Project 366

Project 366 – Week 1

When Project 365 started a few years ago I tried my hardest to stick with it but each time I lost it somewhere during the middle of the year and then I realised about half way through the next year that I hadn’t even started. Admittedly, I should have started Project 366 (it’s a leap year) last weekend but I decided to do a bumper week to kick off 2016 instead.

Project 366

  1. This year we saw in the New Year with Little Bean’s Godfather and friends. It was a lovely evening with lots of fun, games and scrummy food. All the children came along too so I got to see in the New Year with my babies by my side.
  2. The weather wasn’t very nice and so we decided to have a chilled day at home doing arts and crafts.
  3. Jelly Bean was really struggling with tummy ache thanks to his #problemswithpoop. We had already had one visit to A&E this year with him and decided to try giving him a warm bath to relax his tummy. I love seeing him wrapped up in a bath towel, he still looks like my baby when he is snuggled up.

Project 366

4. Our second visit to A&E for 2016. The Beans and I spent over 3 hours waiting in A&E hoping that they would be able to help Jelly Bean feeling comfortable again but we were sent home with cream and told to return on Thursday.

5. The look on this little man’s face says it all about our day. Little Bean and Beanie Boy had gone back to school so it was just me and my baby at home. He struggled with tummy ache on and off throughout the day. I gave him tummy and foot massages (reflexology) to try to ease the pain but by the evening after being in bed for a couple of hours he woke up and said “Mummy I don’t want my tummy to hurt anymore”.

6. After Jelly Bean’s plea the previous evening I rang the hospital in the morning and requested to be seen by Jelly Bean’s Consultant immediately. Thankfully he is a compassionate man when it comes to children and agreed to see us straight away. That smile on Jelly Bean’s face is the result of having an enema and no longer being in pain.

Project 366

7. Following yesterday’s procedure Jelly Bean was back to his old self. He was funny, cheeky and downright stubborn!! In this picture we were having a standoff over lunch. Mummy won!!!

8. In a bid to help Jelly Bean conquer his fears over his #problemswithpoop we bought him a Lightning McQueen potty which he loves. He sat on it for a whole 10 minutes whilst ‘trying’ to have a bowel movement. He only produced a couple of trumps but this was a great start and he is loving getting stickers for his efforts.

9. I am determined to get back to my healthy eating and attempts to exercise. One of my most favourite breakfasts or lunches is Avocado and Poached Egg on toast . . . it was deeeeelicous!!

Fingers crossed I will be back next Sunday with more Project 366 . . .


  • mummyoftwo2

    January 12 at 8:46 pm

    Good luck completing a full year, I loved looking back on last year’s photos. Great idea with the potty, fingers crossed it will keep things moving!

  • IamMummyMatters

    January 19 at 3:39 pm

    I am hopeful that I shall complete it, I love nothing better than looking back through old photos x

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