Pressure Washing, Softwashing: What’s The Difference?

Most of us would love to come home to an immaculately clean house. While many of us focus on the interior portion of the property, arriving back to a residence that is equally good-looking outside can have similar feelings of pride of ownership. One of the best ways to get the exterior of your property looking like new is by enlisting the help of an outside cleaning company.

Exterior cleaning companies will typically offer a great selection of services, all designed with
one purpose in mind, taking a property that looks dull and dirty to a renewed, like-new finish. They can achieve these in a few ways, including window cleaning and house washing. The two services you might have heard about that are standard in the industry are pressure washing and softwashing.

Pressure washing

It’s important to note that pressure and softwashing aren’t the same. While they may utilize the same equipment, how they work and what can be used are entirely different. Let’s look at each separately to better understand what they can do for your home and whether or not it is the right choice for your application. For further reading on pressure washing and softwashing, or the best exterior cleaning services, check out

Pressure Washing- The Ultimate Clean

Pressure washing

When almost anyone thinks about cleaning the outside of a building, they likely envision a pressure washer. These high-powered devices use only a concentrated stream of pressurized water to eliminate dirt, debris, and stains. While pressure washing is often called power washing, these two aren’t the same service either. Power washing uses heated water, unlike the pressure washer, which utilizes the brute force of water. If you’re looking for professional pressure washing services, you can rely on experts in the field to clean and restore the exterior surfaces of your building efficiently. These professionals have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle a variety of surfaces, from concrete driveways to siding and decks. Their skilful pressure washing techniques can effectively remove dirt, grime, mould, and other stubborn stains, leaving your building looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Two types of pressure washing machines are available for commercial use: gas and electric. Most contractors prefer gas-operated units, as they don’t have to mess with the electric cords or worry; they have to find a power source. Gas-powered pressure washers will also have higher PSI, well over 3,000. You can also check out Hotsy of Houston for more information.

What Can Be Cleaned With A Pressure Washer?

Pressure wash

Pressure washing is a fantastic service on incredibly durable surfaces. The most common areas in which a homeowner would see a pressure washing service used would be on the patio, deck, siding, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces. Areas that are painted won’t be the best candidates for this service, as pressure washing can take the paint off.

When considering a pressure washing task, the choice of equipment becomes paramount, and this is where industry leaders like RJP Hotsy make a difference; they offer a range of high-performance pressure washers designed to handle tough cleaning jobs with precision.


Using similar equipment like a pressure washer, a nozzle is fitted over the end of a pressure washer, or attachments are added to slow the spray rate. This allows a gentler stream of water to be ejected from the equipment. Using a biodegradable chemical agent or soap makes the softwashing method so efficient. This will kill mould, algae, and mildew and effectively remove stains.

What Can Soft Washing Be Used On?

The great thing about softwashing services is that they can be applied to almost any exterior surface with amazing results. Homes will benefit from softwashing, specifically in painted areas and the roof, where less pressure means a safer way to clean. For any areas where there is a concern of damage, softwashing is almost always the best route. This doesn’t mean that pressure washing has zero places when it comes to residential and commercial uses. Pressure washing is the ultimate way to clean stone surfaces, including brick and concrete.

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