Potty Training Pride for Beanie Boy


A few weeks ago I blogged that we had attempted to potty train Beanie Boy over the summer holidays but we hadn’t felt he was clicking with it so we were putting it on the back-burner for a while. From reading the “How to Potty Train” book I implemented the changes as it suggested;

  • We changed his nappies standing up
  • We changed his nappies in the bathroom

We also decided to make the move to Pull-Up Pants for the daytime to help him to feel more like a ‘big boy’ and to hopefullly encourage him to take responsibility for looking after himself.

Well in the past two weeks we have noticed a big change in Beanie Boy. He had continued to use the potty and/or toilet whenever the mood grabbed him but we noticed that he was doing it more often. Each time he used the potty or toilet of his own accord we heaped praise on him and slowly but surely he has really started to master it. For the past two days he has managed to stay dry for the whole day including trips to the supermarket, playgroup, the Doctors surgery and the Bank. I have been keen for him to make the decisions himself and so I have left it completely up to him to tell me when he needs the toilet and he has, even to the point of telling me before we get in the car to go out “I better try to go to the toilet Mummy”.

I feel so proud of my little man, he seems to be growing up so fast at the moment and really growing in confidence too. What a lucky Mummy I am, I love you to infinity and beyond little man xx

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  1. This is awesome news, what 2 clever and simple ideas, Addison loves to sit on the potty but only that, the idea of going to toilet in it freaks her out, I am feeling so much pressure to get her dry but I think she just isn’t ready x

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