Postcards from Mummy Matters . . .

. . . are about as useful as a message in a bottle! No really!

Mummy Matters Yesterday we remembered to buy postcards for the children to send to their Grandparents and Auntie to regale them with tales of their holiday, or in Little Bean’s case to draw a picture since she can’t yet write. So off we went to the shop and let Curly choose the postcards, this is the bit which I always find particularly hard as I’m never too sure of his taste in postcards or anything really? But I refrained and said “oh yes, lovely!” and promptly gave him the money to pay for them.

We decided that he was too tired to concentrate on writing the cards with any real concentration or effort so waited until he was fresh as a daisy this morning, well as fresh as he is in a morning anyway. Curly is very a little lazy when it comes to his handwriting so we have to find sneaky interesting ways to get him to practice without really noticing. Sometimes we ask him to write a diary of our days out, sometimes we get him to write letters to relatives, on holidays its handwriting practice books or postcards.

So back to this morning, after a little nagging encouragement from Daddy and me, Curly wrote his postcards to Nanny and Grandad and Auntie, his writing wasn’t perfect but it was better than it has been so we were pleased and the content of the writing was pretty good too, he managed to convey pretty much everything that we had done. Once the writing was done, the postcards were passed to Little Bean to ‘decorate’ with her colourful squiggles.

As we headed for our day out we called by the postbox and dropped the postcards in to start winging their way home, job done . . .

. . . except this afternoon as were driving home and my mind began wandering (as it does) I was thinking about when the postcards might arrive and whether or not they would make it home before us. Next my mind turned to Auntie’s address, I couldn’t remember what it was so I asked Hubby “did you remember Auntie’s address?”. I was greeted with a blank look. “You DID write the addresses on the postcards didn’t you?”, “no, I thought you did” came the reply. OOOOOPS!!!! Looks like all Curly and Little Bean’s hard work was wasted because postcards from Mummy Matters are about as useful as a message in a bottle – pretty much no chance of them ever reaching their intended recipient!

Sorry Nanny, Grandad and Auntie – we did buy more postcards which we will bring home with us but Curly had lost his mojo second time around and they definitely aren’t as good as the first batch!

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