Look what our family made today . . .

BeWILDerwood After the success of our last trip to BeWILDerwood we decided to go there again so that Curly could experience it. He enjoyed it so much he actually said that he wanted to live there permanently and guess what, I am now the coolest StepMum in the world for suggesting today’s trip!! I think I may have built up a bank of brownie points today.

I shall write a proper post about it all next week when we are back from our holiday but for now I wanted to share this photograph with you, we headed down to the Den Building area which we didn’t try out last time and its such a shame we missed it as we had loads of fun and it was great for our family to work together to make something which the children especially were so proud of! This is our den, we all built it (Beanie Boy was the supervisor!) and we had lots of fun in the process, Little Bean just doesn’t like smiling for the cameras these days!! I didn’t like to tell the children that as we were walking away another family were already demolishing it to get wood for their own den.

Right I’m off to bed now, all that fresh air is pretty exhausting!

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  1. Ah, this is a fantastic photo of you all. Absolutely love Bewilderwood and I’m recommending it at every opportunity – we had a fab time there! x

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