Planning to have a “take your child to work” day? Here is everything you need

Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to celebrate “take your child to work” day. It is a day in the year when the offices open doors for the daughters and sons of their employees to take a glimpse of the workplace. And if you are a part of a company that emphasizes celebrating this program- you are in luck! But, unfortunately, children in the workplace are not always ideal, sometimes because of the management’s strict rules or attitude. 

So, grab this golden opportunity, find the coordinator, and immediately sign your kid’s name. Do not stress if nothing is planned for this special day; you can still enjoy it to the fullest. With a little forethought, this day can give you immense opportunities to bond with your kid. And to help you plan ahead of time, we have listed everything you need to make your “take your child to work” day a success. 

6 Must need things to have a successful “take your child to work” day

take your child to work

1. Consider safety issues

While some things might not appear dangerous to employees, even ordinary things could prove dangerous for kids. For instance, children can pull heavy items off the desk, turn off computers amidst updating important documents, or insert paper clips into electric boards. Thus, it is the first and foremost essential thing to keep in check to not leave kids unsupervised in the workplace. 

Keep their visits supervised and give them limited or no access to dangerous areas. For manufacturing units, hazardous conditions must be considered for child safety and injury prevention to decide whether or not to allow children in the workplace. 

2. Decide how long they will be staying

Next, you need to plan the visit to the workplace depending on your child’s temperament. How long can they stay at your workplace? Once you decide this, you will have to find ways to bring them back and forth from their respective schools or childcare facilities. In addition, give due consideration to the right time of the day to plan for this program. Further, go on and ask other parents, your spouse, relatives, or friends to bring your child on your behalf in case you are busy. 

3. Think about the productivity

take your child to work

Bringing children to the workplace brings out excitement among coworkers. Kids will always be running around, asking questions to employees. Though such reactions are acceptable, they should hamper the day’s productivity. 

Specific rules must be made in advance, clarifying the age and visiting hours. Also, designate quieter areas for breastfeeding, diaper changes, or playtime. 

4. Bring silent entertainment

It is vital to pack smartly when planning to have a “take your child to work” day. For instance, quiet toys, crafts, and books would be great sources to keep children entertained throughout the program. Also, cubby houses would be an ideal source of entertainment. You can also suggest to the program supervisor get cubby houses online and install them at a designated space before the start of the program. This is a great idea as it will help all the kids socialize and play together and keep them entertained for the day.

5. Talk to kids’ school

The further you seek the school’s permission, the better it will be, as most schools don’t deny and are way too supportive of such programs until the day falls on a big fest or field trip day. So, you need to talk to kids’ teachers in advance to tell them about their absence. You can even ask for homework in advance, a great silent activity in and around your workplace. 

6. Don’t forget to talk to the child

Last but not least, do not forget to speak to the child. You need to discuss with them whether or not they are willing to pay a visit to your workplace. However, the best way to convince them is to discuss their interests and aspects of your workplace and why they must visit it. Tell them briefly about the whole plan and don’t forget to mention any sort of surprises that they might expect. Also, be considerate to ask them about their expectations and goals. And last, don’t stress if you can’t meet them all. 


With a little planning, you can make this program a grand success for you and your kids. It is a great opportunity to gain insight into the adult workplace, certainly a desired destination for young minds. So, look no further than this article, grab everything you need, and plan to have a “take your child to work” day. 

Planning to have a "take your child to work" day? Here is everything you need 1

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