Best accessories for your dogs to keep them happy and healthy

Are you a dog parent? Or thinking about bringing a four-legged fur dog into your house. Then there are a few things you need to have in your home. These include food, treats, and, most importantly, accessories or toys. You must consider a few things when buying treats, accessories, and toys for your four-legged friend. For instance, their size matters! You can buy a big toy for your small dog and vice versa. Also, there are other essential accessories for a dog you need which are discussed in the blog below.

Snuffle mats

accessories for your dogs

Even if you are a new dog parent, you will know that dogs are natural hunters, always looking for food. Get your dog a snuffle mat if you do not want to come home to demolish garbage. It uses reusable material where you can hide a few treats or food items. Let your dog sniff the mat and find the treats without worrying about coming home to a messed-up kitchen.

Ear wipes for dogs

As a dog parent, you should have ear wipes to clean their ears regularly. Sometimes, you need to do it yourself, as you cannot always take them for grooming. Also, dogs don’t like anything touching their ears so the process will take time. Thus, ear wipes that can clean the area without opening them are necessary.

Talking about cleaning, you should also have a few dog poop bags and a dispenser for cleaning up after the dog. You can find good quality in stores or online near your area. The best pet accessories in NZ will have everything from clothes to ear wipes.

A dog-harness

Before you bring a puppy or dog home, ensure you have the best dog harness. A harness ensures that the collar on their neck doesn’t put extreme pressure on their channel. In addition, a harness puts equal force on the back and chest of the dog’s body. Thus, they don’t have trouble breathing.

Get a harness with two different connection points, as it ensures easy handling without restricting or pulling the dog. Moreover, it helps the pet learn to move beside you.

Tick powder

Irrespective of whether you live near a tick area, ensure your dog always has tick powder on. You don’t want a flea to attack your dog or attach to it and bring tick diseases home. So, tick powder and shampoo should be part of the essential accessories you buy for your dog.

Dog Bowl

accessories for your dogs

You can buy any dog bowl you like, but ensure it’s sturdy. For example, avoid buying a bowl that keeps falling off the mats or stands.

Thus, find a heavy water bowl for your dog with enough capacity to hold a good amount of water.


To keep your dog happy, you need toys. For your dog, you can get multiple toys according to their size. Try these:

Chew toys

Dogs love to chew toys, especially when they are little. You can get these chew toys in any shape or even flavour. So, get one in a bone shape, and your dog will not leave it alone.

Fetch balls

accessories for your dogs

Dogs love playing fetch, and you should buy hollow fetch balls for this purpose. That will ensure dogs of every breed and type find it suitable.

Flying Frisbee from Kong

The flying frisbee from Kong is another toy every dog will love. Also, it uses natural rubber, so it’s safe and flexible. Finally, as it’s rubber, it will not hurt your dog’s mouth by causing a crack or splinter.

Teething chew toys

If you are bringing home a puppy, you need teething chew toys. Otherwise, all your clothes and furniture will become their next target.

Raised platform beds

Usually, dogs should only spend a little time outdoors when the heat is too much. It can lead to heat-related injuries and exhaustion. However, buy a raised platform bed if your dog loves being outdoors. It will allow you to take your dog out in the sun without heat issues. This bed lifts off the ground with air circulation underneath, making it perfect for dogs.

To conclude, dogs need attention and many things to keep them healthy and happy. So ensure you have them before bringing a pet home.

Best accessories for your dogs to keep them happy and healthy 1

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