Pass on the lurve . . .

Pass on the Lurve

So what is Pass on the lurve? It’s a linky which has been started by Tamsyn and one in which I am very proud to have been included by my lovely friend Sophie. Tamsyn decided to start this linky because she has made some very good friends in the blogging world who have become real life friends and Sophie is the best. Sophie in turn has included me in her post and I felt very touched by this. I first met Sophie two years ago when we went on a blogging trip to Germany and instantly hit it off. Now in Tamsyn’s rules, she doesn’t want us all to write about the same person so I can’t write about Sophie but what I will say is that I couldn’t agree with her more, I’m sure that if we lived closer we would definitely meet up more often, she is such an easy person to be around and I love her to bits!

Pass on the lurve

Blogging came into my life over 3 years ago quite suddenly. Until a conversation with my real-life friend Karin I had never even heard of blogging, I didn’t spend much time on the internet, I was always too busy out walking with my new baby daughter. I had only met Karin a few months earlier when we both attended the same baby massage and music classes with our newborn girls. Karin and I, along with four other new mums with baby girls hit it off and spent much of the first year of our daughters’ lives together. Karin and I have remained firm friends although circumstances have meant that we don’t see as much of each other as we used to, even though we only live in the next town to each other. When we do meet up, it’s easy to catch up and our children are all great friends. Karin has been there for me through some very hard times and has been a great source of comfort and support.

Pass on the Lurve

I would also like to pass on the lurve to Jacqui, I am pretty sure that EVERYONE knows Jax as she is such a lovely likeable character. Jax and I first met through twitter as we were pregnant at the same time, her with Lil Sis and me with Beanie Boy. Jax gave birth to Lil Sis just two weeks before me and we first met at a Fisher Price blogging event. Although we never see each other outside of blog events, I consider Jax to be a real friend. She is always so easy to talk to, she is hilarious and has a really big heart!

There are actually lots of lovely bloggers who I happily call ‘my friend’ these days but sadly I never see any of them other than at blogging events because of geography and time constraints. That’s the great thing about blogging and social media, if it wasn’t for social media we would most likely never meet people who can come to mean so much to us. So now it’s over to you Karin and Jax, who do you want to pass on the lurve to?

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