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Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy for a two year old, they are too old for most of the ‘baby’ toys but they haven’t quite grasped some of the older toys that their siblings and peers play with. There is one place that most two year olds love to spend time, playing, splashing and just generally messing around with water and that’s in the bath so I always find bath toys are a good buy.

Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

Beanie Boy was sent the Galt Magic Bath Puzzles to review and they have gone down a storm with him (and Little Bean). There are six two-piece puzzles in the pack each one with a brightly coloured picture and the face missing from one of the characters on each puzzle. When the puzzles become wet the faces appear and as they start to cool down and dry the faces disappear again. The puzzle pieces stick to the side of the bath or tiles when wet making it a fun game for the little ones, keeping them in the bath for longer meaning there is more chance for you to get them clean.

This is a great toy for hand-eye coordination, colour recognition skills, learning animals and just for a bit of plain old fun!

Galt Magic Bath Puzzles

The puzzles also come with a net bag with suction cups so they can easily be stored out of the way to make way for you to have a soak in the bath without having to clear away all the toys first!

At the moment if you order directly from Galt Toys quoting the reference DELP1210 you will receive free UK Postage and Packing on all orders placed before 31st December 2012!!!

RRP £9.99

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