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Pampers Unicef In 2006 Pampers joined forces with Unicef to make a difference by targeting Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT) all around the world. Each year throughout October, November and December Pampers donates the cost of a tetanus vaccine to UNICEF for every stickered pack of Pampers nappies or wipes purchased. To date this has funded 300 million tetanus vaccines to help protect 100 million women and their babies around the world. Thanks to this campaign MNT has been eradicated in Myanmar and Uganda protected women and children in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. UNICEF is hopeful that by the end of this year 7 of those 26 countries will have reached completion of their vaccination drive with thanks to Pampers involvement.

Pampers Unicef Every 9 minutes somewhere in the world a baby still dies from MNT, EVERY 9 MINUTES!!! It’s so wasteful when this is such an easily preventable disease. The vaccine costs 4.4p but it’s not just about the cost, its about finding the mothers and their children, some of these families are in the most unreachable places on earth with no access to quality healthcare. UNICEF will travel by plane, train, boat, car, bicycle, animal or foot if they need to. Is a baby who lives in a village on the top of a mountain any less important than a baby who lives in a city? Isn’t every new life precious? Don’t they all deserve the chance to make something from their life, to grow and experience life to the full. Well with your help Pampers and UNICEF can make that happen and it couldn’t be any easier:

  • Make a difference by choosing the specially marked pack of Pampers – 1 pack = 1 vaccine
  • To connect with other mums, simply “Like” the Pampers Facebook page – 1 like = 1 vaccine
  • For all the Miffy fans out there, go to the Pampers Village website and personalise your very own Miffy book for your little one – 1 read = 1 vaccine
  • Download the free Pampers Out and About App and find baby friendly locations in your area – 1 download = 1 vaccine

There are still approximately 130 million women and their unborn babies in 39 countries who need the vaccination, who need your help.

Many people ask the question, why don’t Pampers donate more money per pack sold but UNICEF respond to that by saying that Pampers provide something far greater than just funding for vaccines. They provide a reach that UNICEF alone could never imagine. The partnership between Pampers and UNICEF puts their logo into people’s houses where they can be seen on a daily basis. It keeps UNICEF and their efforts current in a family’s mind.

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