Boots Treat Street just got easier with an App!!

I have told you all before about how cool Boots Treat Street is and how not only can you save yourself money on the things that you love but you can treat yourself at the same time, that in itself sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, what would you think if I told you that you can now access Boots Treat Street from your smartphone? Cool hey!

image The Boots Treat Street Trolley Dash App is free to download from Apple iTunes and Android Market. Users have to steer their trolleys down Treat Street collecting certain items; new shoes, a knock-em dead dress or theatre tickets but at the same time try not to run over the poodles or slip on a banana skin in order to collect ‘Treat Points’.

image Perhaps you would prefer to take a leisurely stroll down your virtual high street and browse in shops like New Look, eBay or How about challenging your friends to a shopping bonanza and see who can earn the most points by sharing your scores on Facebook.

For the serious shoppers among us, panic not, its not just a game, you can spend real money on the Boots Treat Street App in the real online stores and don’t forget for every £1 spent through Boots Treat Street at partnered retailers such as French Connection or you will collect 1 Boots Advantage Card point and keep it in the kitty until you’ve earned enough points to treat yourself (or your loved one if you feel so inclined) to a little something special in payment for all your time spent shopping! What could be more perfect?

Still reading? Get shopping now!

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