Cleaning Hard to Reach Outside Windows

Keep Spotless Window with Robot Cleaner

Keep Spotless Window with Robot Cleaner

Cleaning hard to reach windows can be very challenging, especially for short people. Windows are one of the dirtiest parts of the house since it blocks the pollution from going inside. When left uncleaned, the collected dust can be tough to remove later on as they harden over time—the result – dirty-looking windows that obstruct your sight of the outdoors.

Having a big house makes it trickier for you to clean all the windows you have. There are many practical and clever ways to clean them; some take less effort and faster to do others. Some people also hire a window cleaning company for this work. Let’s see the most effective ways to clean outside windows:

Ways to Clean Outside Windows

1. Dismantle the windows

Some windows are not fixed on their railings. You can easily slide them out and take them with you. Just make sure you use your two hands when you remove them from their place.

  • Remove loose debris on the screens using the vacuum. Do this step on both sides of the screen.
  • Spray the screen with water.
  • Using a brush, take out dirt with soapy water.
  • Thoroughly rinse the screens.
  • Wipe the screen with a clean rag and leave it to dry for a few minutes.
  • Reinstall the screens.

2. Use a ladder

This step sounds like a no-brainer but is still very useful. However, you have to do this with a lot of caution. Climb a stable ladder to reach outside windows. If you need a slight extension to reach them, this is a good idea. But if you will try to access the windows on the second floor, skip this step and proceed to the next one. Safety first!

3. Use a water sprayer

You will probably need a stable ladder or a high chair to do this step. First, spray the window with clean water to loosen the dust and remove the cobweb. End of tenancy cleaning Oxford recommend that you must first spray using a bottle sprayer filled with a cleaning solution to spread the detergent on the entire surface. Wipe the whole frame with a rag, focusing on an area with hardened dirt or bird poops. Rinse with clean water. Use a clean rag to dry the window.

4. Use a squeegee

Window cleaning
Male cleaner wiping window glass with squeegee from outside

If you live in a one-story house and need an extension to reach the window, a squeegee is the best option. This tool is so easy to use, so we will not elaborate more on this topic.

5. Standard mop

Window cleaning

Using a mop with a long pole is useful for cleaning outside the window too. For your cleaning agent, use this recipe:

  • Measure an equal part of water and vinegar and mix them well in a bucket.
  • Soak the microfiber head in the solution.
  • Attach it to the handle and start scrubbing the window.
  • Spray some cleaning solution on the window and wipe using a rag.
  • Wipe the screen with a newspaper for that extra shine!

6. Magnetic window cleaner

Magnetic window cleaner

If you’re living in an apartment or a condo unit, the first five options mentioned above may not work for you. But, a magnetic window cleaner can. This tool can make your window clean without any risk.

It has the same cleaning concept as a squeegee, but it can do more. It can clean both sides of your window in one go.

Magnetic window cleaners use a microfiber cloth to clear off the cleaning solution. Use it gently because pushing it hard and quickly can detach the magnets.

7. U-shaped telescopic pole

U-shaped telescopic pole

A U-shaped telescopic pole is a tool that you can use to clean hard to reach windows. It uses a sponge, a squeegee, and two cleaning cloths. The pole can go as far as four feet, and cleaning heads effectively removes all the dirt stuck on the window plates.

When you are using this device, it’s helpful to follow these tips:

  • Cover the sponge with a dry cloth and use it to scrub the window. This step reduces muddy debris so that the remaining dirt can be easily removed in the following steps.
  • Spray the glass with a generous amount of the vinegar-water solution mentioned in step #5.
  • Wipe off the cleaning solution with a clean rag.

8. Hire a professional

Window cleaner

If you can’t clean the windows on your own, you can always hire professional cleaners, even with the tools mentioned here. This way, you can relax watching movies while they clean. The obvious downside is that you have to pay them every time they serve you. But, if you want to be free from doing a chore and you have a budget for hiring their service, why not?

Let Window Robot Cleaner Do the Work

Window Robot Cleaner

The steps mentioned above are great, but they’re not the most effortless or practical method you need. In some cases, using a ladder or water hose can get you into an accident, while hiring a professional cleaner can be expensive.

Fortunately, there is a better and safer way to automatically clean glass surfaces. By using window cleaning robots, you can get that shiny finish without risking your life.

Most window bots have a similar operating mechanism. First, you have to place the safety pod and harness attached to the inside window’s machine. This will ensure that the bot will not fall while in use.  Next, attach the cleaning pad and spray with a cleaning solution. Then, turn the switch on.  Position the device in and out of the window. You can pause, stop, or adjust the settings with a remote control while the machine is working.

If you’re new to robot window cleaner and you need a guide on which model to choose, here are some of our top picks:


Hobot Window Cleaner

HOBOT-298 is the leading brand in the window cleaner category. This model has everything you need for an efficient cleaning buddy, including:

  • Automatic ultrasonic water spray.
  • Designed for any thickness glass
  • AI Technology S2.1
  • Cleaning speed: 2.4 min/meter2
  • Three kinds of automatic operation modes for cleaning the entire window
  • Stops automatically upon completion of cleaning.
  • Embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System)
  • Applicable to frameless windows (Laser sensor detects edges of windows).



Another efficient robot that thoroughly cleans framed or frameless windows is WINBOT 950. It can manoeuvre into corners allowing it to clean most of the surface.

  • Has a SMART drive technology for automatic cleaning;
  • Allows the handle to rotate 90 degrees to adopt to shape and area of the mirror,
  • 4-stage cleaning system for thorough cleaning.

Ecovacs Winbot 880

Cleaning Hard to Reach Outside Windows 1

Ecovacs Winbot 880 has a superior navigational technology to intelligently choose the best cleaning path, then systematically travels across the glass to efficiently clean.

  • Cleans silently,
  • Easy-to-use remote control,
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth,
  • Returns to where it started, for convenient removal.
Cleaning Hard to Reach Outside Windows 2

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