Our latest Wowcher purchase review

Wowcher is an online shopping channel where you can buy anything from household goods and gifts to meals out, weekends away and travel breaks. Everybody loves a good deal these days, after all, we need our money to go as far as possible so Wowcher makes it happen. Over the years, we have purchased numerous items ourselves through Wowcher and will often look to Wowcher around birthdays and Christmas for Spa Days or Afternoon Tea deals.

Rollerskates for Ollie

Wowcher Purchase Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if we would like to order anything from Wowcher to review. The challenge was, I only had £30 to spend which I thought would make it quite difficult but I was wrong. With Ollie’s birthday fast approaching I decided to have a look for anything from his birthday wishlist and was very happy to spot a pair of rollerskates. He had grown out of his cherished rollerskates at the end of the Summer and was desperate for some new ones.

Osprey electric blue Kids quad roller skates

The Osprey Electric Blue Quad Roller Skates are adjustable so they will fit shoe size 13-3. As a parent of a growing boy, this is a must-have feature otherwise the skates only last a couple of months. His last pair of adjustable rollerskates lasted around 18 months which is much better. Making them ‘grow’ is really simple too with a slider on the side which tells you the shoe size you are increasing too. His skates also feature a safe lock buckle so they are easy to put on and stay secure during wear. They also come with a padded liner which can be removed for washing if they get a bit whiffy.

Ollie was over the moon with his new skates and couldn’t wait to get out on them straight away before school. Buying through Wowcher meant that we saved £18 as they had 50% off the RRP from Eurotrade Ltd.

Ovation Crepe & Pancake Maker

Wowcher Purchase Review

We are a family who loves a good pancake, it’s one of my tricks for getting some protein into the children’s diet because I always add extra eggs to the batter. I spotted this and thought it would be a perfect addition to our kitchen equipment since the children prefer thin crepes to thick pancakes. I have watched the professionals make crepes so many times and they make it look easy. Let me tell you, it’s not! The way they swirl that little stick around to smooth out the mixture requires a lot of skill and patience, something I haven’t quite mastered yet!

The Ovation Crepe & Pancake Maker has a 1000W heating element and with a 30cm cooking, non-stick, flat cooking plate. It features an adjustable temperature knob and cord which can be wrapped underneath for easy storage. In the box, you will also find a T-stick, plastic ladle and spatula. I assumed that the plastic ladle was the perfect amount to make a crepe but I was wrong, well you know what they say when you assume! It is, however, the right size when using a slightly thicker batter to make small pancakes which have been a favourite for me and my protein pancakes, finally, I can make more than one at once.

Purchasing through Wowcher saved me 60% on the purchase price from Appliance Spares Warehouse, so I paid just £12. It turns out that actually, £30 can go a long way with Wowcher.

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