Our first family holiday abroad – why am I so anxious?

The date for our first family holiday to Menorca is almost upon us and whilst the Beans are running around the house like they have consumed the contents of the sweetie jar (which they haven’t I might add), I’m stuck on the fence. On the one hand I am as excited as they are, it’s something that I have looked forward to ever since I became a Mum but on the other hand I’m truly anxious about it.

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Before the Beans were born we made the conscious decision not to take the Beans abroad until they were at least two years old as we felt the heat for them would be too much for them (we like sunny holidays) and then as each Beans approached the magic “two”, the next Bean was ready to pop out so the timing didn’t work out for holidays but we didn’t mind as we were busy growing our family.

Now we feel the time is right to start expanding our family adventures to foreign shores and the Beans have repeatedly asked us “can we go on a plane” because of course their friends have told them all about their adventures and they don’t want to feel they are missing out. With a family of six travel is never going to be cheap for us so I doubt we will be able to make a regular thing of it but I would love to show the Beans as much of the world as I possibly can whilst we can enjoy it all together. I would at least like the opportunity to show them some of my favourite places in the world before they venture out to find new places for themselves.

The problem that I have as our holiday approaches is that I read too much, I see too much and bearing in mind my Beans are my most treasured possession I worry about them. I swear I never used to be such a worrier but I guess that’s what parenthood does to you. One day you only have to think about yourself and the next you have these amazing little people who make your heart pound right out of your chest with the power of your love for them and then you notice your vulnerability.


I haven’t even got to the part where I worry about entertaining the Beans on the flight, at least there I will know exactly where they are; right next to Hubby and I. Yes sure they will no doubt be going stir crazy at having to sit still for so long but I shall be packing their hand luggage with every little activity I can find along with each of their Tablet PC’s in the hope that they will just ‘veg out’ for the flight.

My Beans are what I like to call ‘spirited’ they each have their own mind, they are very active little people, they love to explore and they can lose themselves in their own imagination but sometimes this can be to their detriment, like when you’re telling them to stop for their own safety. They are all of the age where they fail to see danger and that’s where my mind jumps right in for them.

I KNOW that we will having an amazing time, I KNOW that we will make lots of lovely family memories together. We are looking forward to having Daddy all to ourselves without ‘work’ to think about. I shall be leaving my blog behind (for just a little while) so that I can submerge myself in my family and enjoy this precious time together but I just need to get there first and let the warmth of the sun and the sea breeze wash away my fears.

Tell me I’m not alone when feeling like this?

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  1. I can’t say I ever was worried about travelling with kids but understand your concerns. Biggest word of advice is to not over schedule and be flexible with your plans. As you said, its about family time which will be detracted from if you are exhausted. Have a great trip.

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