On Cloudstratus Running Shoes Review for Active Women

Disclaimer: I was sent the On Cloudstratus running shoe from RoadRunnerSports in exchange for my honest review. All images and words are my own.

As a woman in my forties who turns to running for stress relief (not for marathons), I understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of running shoes. The On Cloudstratus Women’s Running Shoes from RoadRunner Sports caught my eye, and I couldn’t wait to put them to the test. In this review, I’ll share my experience with these shoes, highlighting their features, performance, and how they’ve become an integral part of my routine.

Product Overview

On Cloudstratus Running Shoes

The On Cloudstratus Women’s Running Shoes are designed to provide the ideal combination of comfort and performance for runners. These shoes promise a cloud-like running experience, making them a fantastic choice for women in their forties looking to de-stress and stay active.

Comfort (5/5)

The first thing that struck me about these shoes was the exceptional level of comfort. The dual-layer CloudTec® cushioning system delivers a plush feel underfoot. It’s like running on air! The shoes provide just the right amount of cushioning without sacrificing responsiveness. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the trails, these shoes offer support that feels tailor-made for your feet.

Durability (4.5/5)

Durability is crucial when choosing running shoes, and the Cloudstratus doesn’t disappoint. The outsole features a high-abrasion rubber compound with excellent grip and wear resistance. I’ve put these shoes through some challenging terrain and held up remarkably well. While there’s minimal wear, it’s hardly noticeable, given the overall quality. The only thing I have noticed is the holey nature of the outsole can pick up the odd twig when running off-road.

Fit and Sizing (4.5/5)

Finding the right fit is essential, especially as we get older and our feet might change. The Cloudstratus provides a snug yet accommodating fit. I found they run true to size, but I recommend trying them in-store or using RoadRunner Sports’ sizing guide to ensure a perfect fit. The padded collar and tongue add extra comfort, and the lacing system allows for a customizable fit that prevents slipping or discomfort during long runs.

Performance (5/5)

On Cloudstratus Running Shoes

The true test of any running shoe is how it performs during a run. The Cloudstratus excels in this department. The shoes offer a smooth and stable ride, essential for women in their forties who may be more prone to joint discomfort. Or indeed, for someone like me, who tends to roll their ankles!! The innovative CloudTec® system provides excellent cushioning and promotes natural foot movement, reducing the risk of injury. I felt less tired after my runs, which was a huge plus for stress relief and motivated me to run again.

Style (4/5)

While performance is paramount, having a stylish pair of running shoes is also nice. The Cloudstratus features a sleek, modern design that appeals to my fashion sense. I have even worn them as leisure shoes and to the gym because I love them so much. They come in various colour options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style, but I chose black because it went with more of the fitness gear.


I can wholeheartedly recommend the On Cloudstratus Women’s Running Shoes from RoadRunner Sports. These shoes offer a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and performance. They’ve become an indispensable part of my fitness routine, providing me with the stress relief I need and the support my feet deserve. If you’re looking for running shoes that cater to your active lifestyle and help you de-stress, the Cloudstratus is an excellent choice.

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Invest in your well-being and elevate your running experience with the On Cloudstratus Women’s Running Shoes. Your feet and your overall stress levels will thank you.

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