October Half Term 2013 – Tuesday


Some time since the middle of the summer holidays we have had a sample of wallpaper cellotaped to the wall in our downstairs toilet. Tuesday was finally the day that we found the time to take it down and make it a more permanent fixture. Hubby has always said that he doesn’t really enjoy wallpapering so we work as a team, he pastes the paper, I hang it. It should have been a relatively simple job if you didn’t take into account the window, the radiator and oh yeah, the curved and slanted ceiling! We had worked out that we would be able to cover the one wall with just one roll of paper but just to make things slightly more complicated we both managed to measure the third drop completely wrong and left ourselves short and needing to go and buy a further roll of paper (which of course meant that it was from a different batch).

In progress

Several hours later plus a few extra purchases from B&Q which we didn’t really have to make at that time we returned home and finished off the wallpapering. I have to say I am really impressed with it now, it looks so much better than the lifeless magnolia box that it was before and all in for £72.91. Now if we hadn’t been so daft with the measuring then it would have been all finished for £59.93 but you live and learn by your mistakes.


Here is how we spent our money:

B&Q Camper Van Wallpaper £12.98 x 2 = £25.96

B&Q Vinci Iridescent Glass Ceiling Light  £29.98

The Range Picture Frames £7.99 and £2.99

Camper Van Picture (local shop) £5.99

Total Cost: £72.91


DISCLAIMER: This is not a review post.

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