Not a successful day!

My plans for today were originally to spend the dsy with my friend and her 6 month baby boy but yesterday she rang to say that he had a temperature so it was best not to chance it with Beanie Boy. I was gutted but it made sense so I arranged to meet my good friend Karin (Cafebebe) for a walk,lunch and playtime in the park for the girls.
The day starred well when Beanie Boy slept through from 12midnight to 6.15am!!!!! I felt slightly more human and looked forward to the day ahead. I decided that today would be the maiden voyage for our Phil & Teds pushchair. I went out to the garage and loaded up the car before heading on our way. We arrived at our meeting place and I put Beanie Boy into his cocoon in the buggy before I realised that I had left Little Bean’s seat at home in the garage – duh!! I called Karin and explained my error before heading home as the walk would be too far for Little Bean and was on a busy main road. We arranged to meet in our home town so that I could go home and collect the seat.
This time when I arrived at the meeting place I realised that although I had taken the seat, I hadn’t taken the elbows that connected the seat to the pushchair! This time the park was only kist over the road so I didn’t totally ruin our new plans. Unfortunately both Little Bean and Little Miss were in a cranky mood so there were a few tears and tantrums, along with years from Karin when I asked her to be Godmother to Beanie Boy – I think they were tears of joy!
Finally when we returned home, i had just managed to give Little Bean her dinner and put her down for her nap so that I could have a bit of ‘me’ time whilst Beanie Boy was sleeping, when what should happen big a power cut! It lasted for two hours!! The power came back kist as both children awoke from their sleep! I feel cheated!!!

4 thoughts on “Not a successful day!”

  1. Bless your cotton socks! You tried so hard! And despite our girls being cranky, it was still good to get together! And they most definitely tears of joy, by the way! Mwah! xx

  2. Awww lovely you clearly tried hard – thats the important thing & you had good intentions! I remember spending weeks stuck in at home as I was unable to remember t take the pram or car seats out of OH’s car before he left for work…. WEEKS I tell you!

    • I think that’s why I was so annoyed with myself, I really wanted to prove that I could do it and NOT be stuck at home. Oh well, must put less pressure on myself and try again next week!

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