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Me & Mine is a project I have seen many times before Lucy at Dear Beautiful and I always thought “I’m going to do that . . .” and then promptly forgotten about it. It’s such a lovely idea, we take a photograph of the whole of our family each month and write a little of what we have been up to that month. In 12 months time we have a lovely short diary of our year together and unlike most photographs they include Mummy and Daddy too!

So this is our first Me & Mine for 2015 . . .


We saw January in with a fun New Year’s party at our local leisure centre for families which meant we got our night out but was able to take the Beans with us. Unfortunately we had all been poorly over Christmas including my Mum so she stayed at home and babysat Jelly Bean who we decided would stay at home as the night would be too much for him. It didn’t feel right not seeing the New Year in with all of my babies so at 11.30pm we ran the mile or so home carrying Little Bean and Beanie Boy making it home by 11.50pm to celebrate the start of 2015.

The month of January hasn’t been especially kind to us with the colds and bugs hanging around. Hubby had to take a day off work to help with the Beans when I couldn’t make it out of bed and the boys were being sick. Finally after a course of antibiotics I seem to have kicked it into touch and now Jelly Bean is the only one with a little sniffle but we think that is down to the fact he is cutting 3-4 teeth.

Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy have all made good starts to the year at school with Curly winning awards for his writing, Little Bean doing well on her house-point chart and Beanie Boy having a very positive parent/keyworker meeting.

January ended on a perfect note for us with Jelly Bean celebrating his second birthday.

How was January for you?


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