BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

A new adventure begins – BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Back in 2002 when I first moved to Peterborough I had no idea where I wanted to work or what direction I wanted to take. A chance meeting at a recruitment agency found me working at Sycamore BMW in Peterborough for a few very happy years. I had never considered working in a Motor Dealers but straight away I felt at home, the Sycamore team welcomed me in and soon came to feel like family. Testament to that is that I can still go in there 2, 5 or even 10 years after I have left and although the showroom has changed the team are still there and still welcome me with a big squeeze. Sycamore are the same with their customers too which is why they keep going back year on year to update their cars and their client base continues to grow.

So when I was contacted by them a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in putting one of their latest models through its’ paces I was delighted to say yes. Being a family of 5/6 they asked if I would like to try their 7 seater family car. Wracking my brains I could only assume that they meant a 7 seater X5 but I was wrong, I hadn’t realised that in September 2015 BMW released the 2 Series Gran Tourer to rival the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer, the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, Ford Grand C-Max, Volkswagen Touran, Toyota Verso and the Kia Carens.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

So yesterday, this beauty of a car was delivered to my house ready for us take on some new adventures. I have been reading up on the literature and have been impressed with how it all looks on paper. Just check out the comparison table I have compiled below. You’ve got to admit it looks good but of course it’s all in the drive and usability as a family. I have a few ideas up my sleeve about how I would like to test the Gran Tourer but if there is anything in particular you would like me to try then please drop me a note in the comments and I shall see what I can come up with.

Compare the Competition

OTR Price 36 Monthly


With 2nd and 3rd rows upright With 3rd row folded away (to parcel shelf) With all seats folded away (2nd and 3rd rows folded to roof)
BMW 2GT £27,940 £393 160 ltrs 720 ltrs 1,820 ltrs
Ford G C-Max £25,285 £409.55 88 ltrs 728 ltrs 1,715 ltrs
Citroen C4 GP £24,149 £326 165 ltrs 537 ltrs 1,,851 ltrs
VW Touran £28,530 £394 137 ltrs 743 ltrs 1,857 ltrs
Vauxhall ZT £23,940 £448 152 ltrs 710 ltrs 1,860 ltrs

Standard Specification

The figures above are all based on the base model of each brand, obviously you can add options and increase specification if you want something a little more but with that comes an increase in price across the board.

The 2 Series Gran Tourer comes with Navigation, Automatic Tailgate and the option of Four-wheel drive technology as standard which none of their competitors offer on their base models. Very few of the competitors offer safety features such as the BMW Active Guard which reduces the likelihood of a front-end collision, BMW Emergency Call or BMW Online. Now I don’t know about you, but when I am transporting my family I want them to be as safe as they can possibly be.

I shall be back to tell you more once I have got behind the wheel and travelled enough miles to tell you all about it!


  • annalisanuttall

    June 1 at 3:56 pm

    Very nice, I love the colour. I’m sorry i’m not much of a car person but it look really nice. xx

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 1 at 11:02 pm

      Haha not everyone can be into cars. This colour is called estoril blue, it’s one of my favourites x

  • Realweegiemidget

    June 1 at 3:57 pm

    7 seater sounds useful so the grandparents can join in family fun too xx

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 1 at 11:03 pm

      Exactly, perfect for large families, grandparents and friends. It’s better to be sociable 🙂

  • Chantelle Hazelden (@MamaMummyMum)

    June 1 at 4:10 pm

    We have to use a 7 seater being a 6 person family, we currently have a zafira but this looks fab, wish we could afford one!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 1 at 11:05 pm

      Check out the prices, it’s cheaper to buy a new one of these on PCP than a new Zafira by £80 a month!! How cool is that?! X

  • Sarah Ebner (@sarahjebner)

    June 1 at 4:14 pm

    Look forward to hearing more about – it certainly sounds like it might be great for family adventures!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 1 at 11:06 pm

      Thank you, we are looking forward to some adventures!!

  • Kara Guppy

    June 2 at 6:11 am

    When we we looking for a 7 seater we checked our BMW and couldn’t find that they actually did one. This looks lovely and I look forward to seeing how you get on with it

  • Nayna Kanabar (@citrusspiceuk)

    June 2 at 10:21 am

    What a lovely car and so spacious too. Great for a large family.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 2 at 10:40 pm

      She’s a beauty isn’t she. We took her out this afternoon, just a trip to the shops but the Beans loved it. Especially Jelly Bean who had a table to play with his toys on. I kept finding little pockets and buttons each time I looked around, it’s fab!

  • hannahhowell912

    June 2 at 12:21 pm

    I love the colour – my Dad works for Mini/BMW and I am always happy when it brings different cars home!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 2 at 10:42 pm

      I have to admit, I do miss working in the motor trade, I used to love driving all the different cars. Definitely a perk of the job x

  • Lianne Thebrunettesays (TheBrunetteSays)

    June 2 at 12:39 pm

    Ooh it looks a beast!! I love the colour too, rarely see this colour nowadays!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 2 at 10:43 pm

      Ooh do you think so? I think it looks quite small but I do drive an 8 seater van so anything looks small in comparison. It’s a beautiful colour, really eye-catching and makes the car look sporty. I love it!

  • Rachel

    June 2 at 1:18 pm

    I don’t know much about cars and usually like them based on colour lol x

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 2 at 10:44 pm

      Haha fair enough, I’m a little bit the same with beauty products but I’m getting there 😉 x

  • mummyoftwo2

    June 3 at 7:41 am

    Firstly how can it be 14 years since you moved?! It feels like yesterday we were out for your leaving meal!

    I had never considered BMW before I didn’t realise they did big family cars like this. As ours are all getting bigger we will need something larger soon so will be interested to see how you get on with it!

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 8 at 8:24 pm

      I know, scary where the time goes isn’t it!

      This is the thing, the Gran Tourer has been on the market since September but people just don’t think of BMW as being a ‘family car’ brand but this is a perfect car for families, especially ones who want to keep their family safe.

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    June 3 at 1:35 pm

    It sounds like a great option for a family car. Can’t wait to read more about how you get on with it

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 8 at 8:28 pm

      It really is, I am loving driving it and the children love getting out and about in it too.

  • Susanne Remic (@Ghostwritermumm)

    June 4 at 6:13 am

    Wow thats a lovely car! i didn’t know they did a 7 seater to be honest x x

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 8 at 8:38 pm

      Beautiful isn’t it. The Gran Tourer has only been out since September, I have to admit it totally slipped under my radar too but I’m so grateful to be offered this opportunity as it’s perfect for families and a true BMW to drive. I hadn’t realised how much I missed sitting behind the wheel of one xx

  • Michelle Murray

    June 5 at 6:20 pm

    Wow, I love the look of this. Looking forward to hearing about it.

    1. IamMummyMatters

      June 8 at 8:49 pm

      She’s a beauty isn’t she! Hubby and I are already arguing over who gets to drive!

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