Why you need to check out the Linx 10 budget tablet . . .

People looking to purchase  a Tablet PC this Christmas with a small budget need look no further than the Linx 10. Since Tablet PCs hit the market I have purchased a number of budget tablets and been VERY disappointed at their lack of responsiveness, the number of times they crash and general poor performance. When I was asked if I would like to review the Linx 10 I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and I’m so pleased that I did.

First impressions upon receiving the Linx 10 was that it was lightweight enough to hold it but yet weighty enough to feel like a tablet of quality. The reverse of the tablet has a soft touch finish with angled edges and the screen is crystal clear and responsive. The Linx 10 feels anything BUT budget.


Windows 8.1

If you have never used Windows 8 before it can be a little daunting to begin with but it’s actually ridiculously simple to use and perhaps the most customisable interface ever. With Windows 8 you can truly make your Tablet your own. What I particularly love is that as a Windows Phone user all of my devices link to each other so when the Linx 10 arrived all I had to do was put in my Microsoft Account name and password and within 10 minutes the Linx 10 was ready to use. I could either set it up from scratch or I could select for it to mirror my other devices which is what I chose to do and so I was able to get right in and enjoy all that the Linx 10 has to offer.

Windows Store

The Windows Store is perhaps a little more restrictive than the likes of the Apple Store or Android Market but I have been with Windows for almost a year now and I am able to access everything that I need. Initially I complained that I didn’t have access to Instagram, then Instagram Beta was released which meant I could look at pictures but not post them. Now I used 6Tag and I love it as it is just like using Instagram. It posts my images to all of my social networks in one click.


Curly is perhaps the biggest gamer in our house so I handed the Linx 10 over to him to get his thoughts. Unsurprisingly the first thing he downloaded was Minecraft and was more than happy with his gaming experience. He said that the screen resolution was perfect for gaming and he didn’t feel the need to hit the screen over and over again to get it to do what he want as he has had to with previous budget tablets. The Games Store has a huge choice of games to suit every age, genre and price budget.


Within the Windows Store you can find all your favourite Social channels, download apps to catch up on your favourite TV/films. We have recently signed up to Netflix so we are working our way through some of the boxsets which we missed on TV.


Using the Linx 10 as a Music device has been a positive experience. Sometimes with budget gadgets the speakers aren’t up to much and you get a muffled tone with distortion as you turn up the volume but the Linx 10 hasn’t let me down.


The Linx 10 features a 2MP Front and 2MP Back camera which is great for catching images when you’re on the go. You can then use Adobe Photoshop Express to edit and share if you so wish or search the Windows Store for other fun apps. My current favourite is PhotoFunia. Check it out!!

Books and Reference

The Beans use the tablets has a source of reference when doing their homework. Yesterday Little Bean had a passport day where she ‘visited’ Israel so when she came home she used the Linx 10 to search for more information on Israel.

There are some great reading apps out there too which are worth searching through to find your next great read. Where a Tablet wins over a paper book for me these days is that I can read in the dark and when my eyes are a little tired I can increase the size of the text until my eyes feel better. Try doing that with a paperback!

News & Weather

I have a live tile set up to tell me the latest information on News and Weather in my region. It helps me to plan my day and to keep up to date with what’s going on in my area.

Health & Fitness

Every now and then Hubby and I feel like being healthy and with the plethora of apps available it really is no excuse to not use them. We can get all kinds of hints, tips and inspiration via the Windows Store.

Food & Dining

If, like me, you get fed up with deciding what’s for tea then hop into the Food and Dining section of the Windows store and you will find recipes, cookbooks, meal plans and shopping lists to get you inspired. You can download the online apps for most major supermarkets to do your grocery shopping online or failing that you can order yourself a takeaway!!

Technical Jargon

  • Up to 1.83GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3735F Processor
  • Windows 8.1
  • Office 365 Personal 12 Month Subcription (worth £5.99 per month)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10.1 IPS (1280 x 800) TFT LCD Display
  • 2MP Front and 2MP Back Camera
  • HDMI Output
  • 32GB Internal Storage which can be expanded via Micro SD
  • 7,900mAh Battery, 6 – 8 hours use
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity

We have only had the Linx 10 for a couple of days but so far I am seriously impressed and can’t see any difference between it and the other devices we have within our home. Sadly the Linx 10 is only on loan, much to Hubby’s dismay who thought it was finally his turn to get a Tablet (and to stop him stealing mine for work!) but his turn will come.

Price and Availability

The Linx 10 is currently on sale for £159.99 listed below but it is Black Friday so check online as there may be a deal to be had somewhere.

·       Tesco (branded “Tesco Connect”)

·       Argos (branded “Bush MyTablet”)

·       Sainsbury’s

·       Amazon.co.uk

·       eBuyer


I spotted online you can buy a Keyboard which attaches to the Linx 10 and has an Origami Screen stand at the back which all folds around to form a protective case for approximately £34 making it a bargain buy for someone who wants a mini-laptop on the cheap.

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