My favourite time of the day . . .

My favourite time of the day is first thing in the morning when I am woken up by Beanie Boy and Little Bean climbing into bed with me and giving me a great big cuddle. This has been almost like a ritual from day 1 with both of them as I had always given them their first feed of the morning, laid in bed with me and then once Hubby had gone to work, we would stay curled up under the duvet with books or my iPod touch to read stories and play games together. At this time in the morning they are always so cuddly and full of laughter and giggles, nothing has really happened at that point to spoil their moods, or mine and the world feels like such a happy place. I will always treasure my morning snuggles with my babies; it’s precious!

Favourite tme of the day

I’m intrigued to know when are other people’s favourite times of the day and why so I’m going to forward this on and hope it reaches around the blogosphere.

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