Me&I brightening up a grey day . . .

My first role as a Me&i Blog Friend was to choose two children’s items to review. Having already had a quick look through their new Spring Summer collection I knew EXACTLY what I was going to choose for Jelly Bean. The boy is obsessed with Tractors and will insist on pointing them out to me wherever we go so the Tractors with Trailers short sleeve t-shirt was a no brainer really. Plus Jelly Bean looks gorgeous in red so it was a double bonus.
me&i kids
Children’s clothing from Me&i has quite a retro/vintage feel to it with big, bold, bright prints. The children love the fun factor and as a parent I love the quality of the fabrics. This Tractor and Trailer top is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, it is certified Oeko-Tex which I have explained in more detail here. But the really great thing about Me&i Kids clothing is the wearability of the clothing. They wash up really well with no colour loss and they hold their shape, testament to a high-quality fabric. Obviously with Jelly Bean being the youngest there are no younger siblings to receive ‘hand-me-downs’ BUT I know plenty of friends with younger children who I am sure would love this top once JB has grown out of it. As you can see though, he has got plenty of growing space left in it yet. On a cold and grey day I teamed his t-shirt up with a long sleeve navy vest for added warmth but it looks great with it and means the t-shirt can be worn on warm or cold days.
Beanie Boy is getting more and more difficult to dress as he gets older and I am fast realising that he is taking after me. Beanie boy knows exactly what he does like, but equally he knows exactly what he doesn’t like so I decided I would hand over the website to him and let him choose his own item of clothing. It’s a good job I did because I was going for something completely different to these Orange Coolest Pants but he was adamant, it had to be these. For the next couple of days he nagged me over and over again about when his trousers would arrive (which didn’t take long at all) and when they finally did arrive, he jumped for joy!!
me&i coolest pants
All of my Beans have one thing in common, they are on the slim side so I also have to choose bottoms with adjustable waistbands otherwise their clothes fall straight off them. The Coolest Pants of course have the adjustable waistband as well as belt loops so it was another tick from me. The first thing I noticed about the trousers when I took them out of the packaging (other than the bright orange of course) was the supersoft feel of the trousers and the reinforced knee which is perfectly for my energetic little fellow.
The legs are currently long enough that we can roll them up a little so that means we will get a lot of wear out these and then knowing Me&i quality as I do, I will be able to hand them down to Jelly Bean for when he is big enough to wear them.
At the end of the write-up for the Coolest Pants on the Me&i website it says;
Fit like a glove, and so comfortable that the children will never want to take them off.
I can confirm this is totally true. Beanie Boy loves his trousers so much he has wanted to wear them in bed, wear them to school and on days out. He has cried when I have put them in the wash because he wanted to wear them again. I have never known him to be like this with clothing before so I think that says a lot about the clothing.
The fabric is a cotton twill; 97% cotton and 3% elastane and just like the Tractor t-shirt, the Coolest Pants also carry the Oeko-Tex label.
DISCLAIMER: We were sent the above items as part of my role as a me&i blog friend. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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