Make sure your tyres stay on track

When it comes to maintaining the condition of your car there are many aspects to consider. While you may continue to carry out routine car checks, are you sure you’re doing the most to ensure your car is safe on the roads?

When it comes to tyre checks, you should ensure that the tyre pressure is at the required limit before any journey, it is also a legal requirement that the tread depth of any tyre should not be below 1.6mm. However, your tyre checks should not end there.

It is important to ensure that the type of tyre you have on your vehicle is suitable for the road surface you will be facing.


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Tyre variations that you need to know, include:


High-performance tyres are used to boost traction they give you more rubber in contact with the road, they are made with softer compounds with rain water grooves appearing shallower, thus making your car harder to control on wetter surfaces.

All terrain

These tyres are typically found on SUVs, they increase tread spacing to help chanel mud out of the tyre. The sidewall of the tyre is also strengthened, thus helping to prevent punctures.

All weather

These tyres are the most adaptable available on the market, they come with a rubber compound that reacts well in warm and cold conditions. Although they are not as good as specialist winter tyres, they do perform better than a summer tyre on wintry roads and avoid the hassle and cost of swapping tyres twice a year.

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres are designed to minimise loss of handling of a vehicle after a tyre puncture has occurred. It allows the car to be driven on the punctured tyre so that the driver does not have to change the tyre.

Run flat tyres also have reinforced sidewalls and additional lateral strengthening to ensure that they tyre maintains its shape and form without air pressure to cope with the weight of the vehicle. These tyres are not advisable in areas where roads are rougher as the tyre has limited reparability and cannot withstand potholes and uneven roads.



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