The World’s Greatest City – 5 Reasons Why Sydney Harbour Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

As all Aussies would say, “no worries, mate”,… this country comes hassle-free. Sydney, in particular, has a lot to boast about – The twinkling harbour, spectacular weather ordained by the gods and golden beaches. The beauty offered in this city is the envy of every country.

Why Sydney Harbour?

Sydney Harbour

So, what is it about Sydney harbour that is so unique? For one, the Sydney harbour bridge will definitely “Steel” your heart. Plus, the view from a cruise of the bridge is riveting.

We all agree that the demands of modern life can be very hectic sometimes. Amidst this chaos, we forget to stop for a minute to enjoy our surroundings. In a city like Sydney, there’s much to see and do. The culinary experience offered here alone will blow your mind. However, that’s not what we are here to talk about. The focus of our attention is the “Sydney Harbour Cruise” offered by many companies such as

Following are 5 reasons why we believe that a cruise around the Sydney harbour is just the experience you should go for:

1. Whale Watching

Whale watching is pretty common, but it is one of the most beautiful sights you will encounter on Sydney harbour. From May till November, its migration period and the ocean is the prime spot to cruise on. These magnificent sea mammals can be spotted from 40 vantage points. Some of the whales that can be easily spotted include humpbacks, orcas and pilot whales. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch sight of a dolphin or two. Whale watching is mostly provided under a cruise package from companies such as

2. Relax in the Moment

Tired from all the hustle-bustle of the city? Yes, there are many other oceans you can cruise on but the sight that Sydney harbour offers is a welcome respite, compared to other places. One thing that these cruises are known for is the stunning and warm sunset for which Sydney is popular all over the world.

Sydney Harbour

3. Get Married

All this beauty can be used for one of the most special occasions in your life: a wedding. A beach wedding is all well and good, but a cruise wedding is even better. Sydney knows that, and for this reason, wedding cruises are quite popular there. A stunning background, romance in the air, amazing atmosphere and the Opera House as a backdrop… what more could you ask for!

4. The Most Unique Culinary Experience

In the last few years, Sydney has gotten itself another name: A food haven. Catering at these cruises is provided by skilled chefs who know how to serve a hot meat pie and finger-licking Pavlova (a meringue-based dessert). Eat a light lunch, enjoy a heavenly dinner and then head on to the bar for a few cocktails.

5. Get Lost in the Local History

Those cruises are not just mindlessly roaming around to give you an ocean experience. They are well-versed in the local history and offer you the opportunity to explore the islands while on the harbour. From naval history by Garden Island to former convict facilities at the Cockatoo Island and more, you will learn a lot about the history of Sydney. If you are looking for an in-depth history cruise, hop on a heritage cruise and learn about the Aboriginal traditions and culture.

So, there you go… five excellent, in fact, great reasons why you should book your next vacation in the Sydney Harbour.

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