Cheap ways of modernising your kitchen without spending a fortune

Even though the kitchen and bathroom are the costliest rooms of the home to upgrade you don’t have to spend a fortune modernising your kitchen if you know where to begin. Before you hire the top contractors locally and start purchasing the costliest appliances step back and consider a few of these tips to save.

Consider a tradesperson instead

Cheap ways of modernising your kitchen without spending a fortune

You can pay a well-known company more than twice or three times what you would pay a licensed tradesperson. So before hiring these companies, at least get a few quotes from local tradespeople. You will often find they do the same work, guarantee it, and do it in a fraction of the time for a lower price. One great place to find local kitchen fitters is

Buy supplies yourself

If you choose to hire a specialist to install new lighting and wiring or upgrade your cabinets and floors, ask them only to do the labour and you purchase the supplies yourself. More often than not, companies will charge a premium for purchasing supplies; so, why pay more when you can buy them yourself for the actual price and keep the rest of the money in your pocket?

DIY it

Do It Yourself

If there are jobs you can do yourself, go for it. Consider painting or possibly laying out new backsplash yourself. Even refinishing and staining the cabinets or adding new knobs on the drawers and cabinets can modernise the kitchen. If you can add your own personal touches throughout, it will cost a fraction of what you would pay to hire a professional to do the work.

Consider alternatives

Sure, you want all new hardwoods, but you can choose a laminate look-alike for a fraction of the price—the same for a backsplash or those granite countertops you were considering. You can even go with second-hand appliances if you plan on upgrading and spend much less than if you were to purchase brand new. Shop, know what your options are and consider everything before you make your final decisions for space.

Saving when remodelling and modernising the kitchen is possible, you have to be creative when you get started with the work. These are a few simple ways to save and still achieve the desired outcome when you are ready to modernise any dated kitchen space, no matter how small the budget you are working with is.


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