Luxury Van Conversion Ideas – Here’s how to get started

It’s easy to decide that you want to partake in a luxury van conversion process. There are multiple benefits, many of which we won’t need to tell you about. What’s slightly more difficult, however, is knowing how to get started.

No matter the kind of van you’re aiming to end up with, there are some basic principles that can help you to get started. Let’s go through those principles one by one, from the importance of high-end materials to safety-related considerations.

Use high quality materials

Luxury Van Conversion Ideas

One of the main elements that mark a luxury van conversion apart from a ‘normal’ van is high-quality materials. We recommend using fancy materials for your interior, such as hardwood or carbon fibre – not only will it make the van much nicer to use, but it’ll also increase the resale value, making it a more worthwhile investment from a financial perspective.

The importance of comfy seats

The importance of this point can’t be overstated – you need to make sure that your seats are comfortable for long periods of time. This is something that even professional car manufacturers get wrong, as most of us will know from numb, painful behinds after long car journeys.

Use an upfitting service

Luxury Van Conversion Ideas

If you want a truly luxurious end product, we can’t recommend using a professional upfitting service enough. Upfitters have the training and experience necessary to create a high-quality end product, as well as access to high-quality aftermarket components. Find an upfitter with heaps of experience in the industry, and try to see if they have positive (or negative) reviews online.


Along with truly comfortable seating, having a high-quality entertainment system is probably the joint most important factor to consider when creating a luxury personalised van. You’ll want to ensure that you have a top-of-the-range sound system, along with easy connectivity, whether that’s through built-in screens, Apple CarPlay, or another high-end system.

Safety features

If you’re going to go through all of that extra effort to make a van as comfortable as possible, you might as well increase the capacity of the safety features as well. The market for automated safety features in cars and vans is rapidly expanding, with a whole host of innovative creations being made available. It’s definitely worth asking your upfitter about – it could possibly save your life.

Custom lighting

We all know how important lighting is when it comes to interior design, so why does it get ignored so often in customised van conversions? Make sure that you don’t fall for the same mistake – optimise your lighting for multiple occasions with dimmers so that you can create a restful space or energetic work environment depending on the needs of the moment.

There’s obviously a lot more to luxury van conversions than this, but by following these few starting points, you should be on a winning trajectory. As long as you get the assistance of a high-end luxury upfitter, you should be in good hands.

Luxury Van Conversion Ideas - Here’s how to get started 1

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