Looking after your gums when pregnant . . . 1

Looking after your gums when pregnant . . .

Dentyl Active A common complaint of pregnancy is bleeding gums, I know, pregnancy is full of the fun stuff! Just add it to the list of morning sickness, constipation, piles and varicose veins. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs because of the hormonal changes which make the gums extra sensitive to bacteria present in plaque.

When it comes to bleeding gums help is at hand and they can be easily prevented using a daily mouthwash such as Dentyl Active Mouthwash. It is a two-phase, alcohol free mouthwash which is the only one of it’s kind available in the UK which shows you the plaque and food debris in the sink as brightly coloured masses.

It has a very unique and smart formula like no other, with a two phase solution including essential oils to help nourish the mouth (unlike many mouthwashes which can leave the mouth feeling dry from their alcohol content) and CPC, which you need to shake to activate before use.

I used Dentyl Active all the way through my pregnancy with Jelly Bean and am pleased to report that I didn’t suffer from bleeding gums once, whereas it was a common complaint in my previous pregnancies.

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