Look what I made . . . beadweaving

I have loved doing crafts ever since I was a small child and that love for crafts has never gone away, just the time to do them.

Time for me

Years ago I found Riverside Beads, a well-stocked craft shop near Peterborough who held craft classes and it became a chance for me to have some ‘me time’.

Learning Beadweaving

Look what I made . . . beadweaving

Learning Beadweaving has perhaps been one of my favourite new crafts.  The effects build quickly and look very intricate.  These pretty circular pieces could be used as pendants on a necklace or made into decorations for the Christmas tree.

What do you do with your crafts?

I have more necklaces, bracelets and earrings than I know what to do with but I just can’t help making them I love starting with a few beads and ending up with a creation all from my own hand.

Do you have any fun or exciting hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

3 thoughts on “Look what I made . . . beadweaving”

  1. they are very good, i like those colours. i am not a hobby person really, but i love a bit of telly and i do enjoy cooking and baking but i’m not that good at it!! x x

  2. They’re lovely – so intricate. You do have loads of patience. I wish I was more creative but think my bro got all those traits from my Dad and none came my way!

    I love to read – a good book which you can’t put down and keeps you gripped, so much so that its late at night and you REALLY SHOULD go to sleep and you try and convince yourself your eyes ARE NOT STINGING!!

    I enjoy baking too and really should make my new year resolution to devote more time to this as C enjoys getting involved.

    I have a few career issues in my current employment to think through at the moment, so if I do have to give up my “day off” volunteer task, and one which doesn’t make me much money – I think I’ll definitely try and make more time for “me” things!

    • Ah thanks, I’m really impressed with them, they are easier than they look. I love a good book too and yes I know what you mean about reading way into the night when you know its a bad idea but just can’t put it down.

      The only problem I have with baking is we have to eat it all and whilst it tastes good, it doesn’t fit so well into my healthy eating plan!

      Careers issues – we need to talk xx

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