Live your dream for a day with #SunPatDreams Competition

Everybody has a dream!

{Is it just me or does anyone else hear the guy from Pretty Woman in their head right now? “Hey, what’s your dream?”}

Everyone has a dream right? When I was younger I didn’t dream of being a popstar or travelling the world, I didn’t set my sights on being a Doctor or Policewoman, nope, my dream was always to be a Mum to a big family and to raise them to be a strong, happy and healthy family. So far, I’m doing okay. I never imagined that I would be able to be a stay-at-home Mum so the fact that I am is a big bonus for me. Through hard work and determination I have managed to create myself a work-from-home job which provides extra finances for the home whilst still allowing me to be here for my children when they need me.

Fueling the family

Running a family of 6 is no easy task, 4 children and 1 Hubby create a lot of work in the home but the older the children are getting the easier it is becoming as they are all able to help out with tasks here and there. I’m one of the lucky ones, my Hubby is great around the house; he shares all the responsibilities of the children, he cooks, he cleans, he does the laundry and ironing (do you hate me yet?). Curly now helps with the ironing, general tidying up, drinks and snacks for the Beans when he is around at a weekend and he makes a wicked cuppa and even the younger Beans are starting to step up to help out more. Last week when Beanie Boy and I were poorly, Little Bean put on her ‘Mother-in-the-making hat and cooked tea for her and the boys which meant the world to me.

As a family we try to eat as healthy as we possibly can, Hubby and I are eating ‘clean’ these days and on the whole we are feeling better for it. I have talked LOADS about the troubles I have in feeding the Beans with their awkward-eating ways but despite their limited diets I do try to squeeze in the good stuff where I can with fruit, yogurt and healthy snacks like Sun-Pat peanut butter on toast to keep their protein and fibre levels up.



Sun-Pat Peanut Butter – how do you eat yours?

We get through jars of Sun-Pat Peanut Butter in our house, the Beans and I prefer smooth but Hubby is a fan of the Crunchy stuff (I think he does it so he can have a jar to himself) but how do you eat yours?

Hubby – Peanut Butter on Rice Cakes for snacks or on toast for breakfast

Me – In a breakfast smoothie; Milk, Banana, Cacao, Peanut Butter, Coconut Oil and Oats or stirred into porridge. As an evening snack smeared over a chopped apple!

Curly – On toast and in sandwiches for lunch.

Little Bean – Peanut Butter on one slice of toast, chocolate spread on the other slice of toast squashed together for a real treat at breakfast.

Beanie Boy – Just like his Daddy only smooth.

Jelly Bean – In a smoothie like Mummy, on Rice Cakes like Daddy and on toast with chocolate spread like Little Bean.

Luckily for us, we have just received a mammoth supply of Sun-Pat peanut butter so that we can tell you about their latest amazing competition that you will definitely want to enter though you’ll have to be quick as it closes on the 16th November – I know I forgot to post 🙁


Fuel Your Dreams with Sun-Pat

GB Olympians Adam Peaty and Helen Skelton have joined forces with Sun-Pat to provide astonishing research which shows that four out of five people with an active childhood achieved their dreams. As part of this campaign, Sun-Pat are offering two winners the chance to be what they dreamed of being for the day. You can check out the competition here. But you must be quick the competition closes on the 16th November 2016. Good luck x

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