Little Bean’s Learning Journey


As a parent is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching your children learn and develop? Hubby and I have both been so proud of how well Little Bean is doing at school, she is soaking up every piece of information that is given to her at school and is loving ‘words’ at the moment. She will sit in the car, at the table, on the sofa spelling out words, breaking them down and counting the syllables (although I don’t think she knows that is what they are called yet). This weekend we have spent a lot of time with her doing flash cards and I was amazed at just how many words she could spell already.

Seeing different posts from people whose children started school at the same time as Little Bean can be interesting to see how differently the primary schools approach learning, but as long as they get there does it matter? Does it mean that one way is any better than another?

2 thoughts on “Little Bean’s Learning Journey”

  1. I had a big smile on my face this afternoon following my walk home from school with C. He said “Mummy, do you know m-a-n-u-r-e spells manure . . ” So with all the seriousness I could manage I said, “Yes it does, who told you that?” C then replied “I found out from Mr L’s class today” . . . I then asked him if he knew what it was. He replied “Yes Mummy, its animal pooh” . . . . you just have to giggle 🙂 x

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