Little Bean’s Bedroom Makeover with Wall Stickers


When we did the big bedroom switch in preparation for Jelly Bean’s arrival, we pretty much kept the style of their rooms the same as they had been. We gave each child their choice of colours but they didn’t want to change them so Little Bean kept her pink bedroom and decided she wanted to keep the Princess and Castle wall stickers she had previously had in her larger bedroom. Initially the room looked ok but as it turns out the stickers weren’t so keen to move rooms and after about a month they began falling off the walls on a weekly basis until in the end I got fed up and removed them altogether so ultimately she was left with a big pink box to reside in.

The plan was always to find her something else to pretty her room up but we couldn’t decide what we wanted and then I remembered TinyMe. I had previously met TinyMe at a bloggers event a couple of years ago and then as if by chance I was invited to another bloggers event as they had now hopped across the pond and were based in the UK as well as Australia. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t attend the bloggers event this time but TinyMe still very kindly sent me a £30 gift voucher to choose something. I took AAAAAAAAGES to make a final decision because there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from. I also needed to find something which I could put on the walls higher up as Little Bean is a monkey for peeling stickers and I didn’t want her to spoil it. In the end I chose these pretty wall stickers and over the Christmas period when we had Finley the Elf On The Shelf to stay I waited until she was at school and set to work on decorating her room with the stickers under the pretence that Finley had done it for her as a reward for being a good girl. She absolutely loves her stickers and I have to say I have found them a little addictive as I have already been back on the site to see what other stickers I can find. (The images may look a little odd because I have had to blank out Little Bean’s name which is on her bedroom wall in large wooden letters).

My £30 voucher also enabled me to buy a smaller pack of stickers for Beanie Boy’s bedroom so that he didn’t feel left out. He was over the moon with his stars.

Fast forward a month to when I was sorting through boxes and I found another little sample pack of stickers which I had been sent by TinyMe previously and completely forgotten about. How perfect that they should complement the stickers in Little Bean’s room AND be the perfect size for incorporating Little Bean’s new TidyBooks bookshelf into her room.

A little goes a very long way!!

DISCLAIMER: I received a voucher to purchase the above wall stickers with no obligation to post about it. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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