Camping season will soon be here!

Before the tiddlers came along Hubby and I were keen campers, we’ve had some great holidays and yes, maybe a couple of disasters too but that’s all part of the fun right? At least it gives us something to look back on and laugh at, even if we weren’t laughing at the time.

We have been camping once or twice since Little Bean was born but not at all since Beanie Boy and Jelly Bean joined the family so this year we are hoping to dust off our tent (and check that it hasn’t been destroyed by the mice in the garage) and take the children away for a weekend (to start with) for some outdoor fun and lots of fresh air.

Olpro Windbreak

Now we aren’t one of those families who like to ‘rough’ it, we like our luxuries. Would you believe it, we actually have a ‘kitchen’ room in our tent as well as two very large bedrooms, a HUGE lounge area and a front, back and side door. Yes our tent is by no means a small one. When it comes to eating, we eating ‘al fresco’ on a table in outdoor dining room which we create using a windbreak just to give us a little extra privacy. Up until now our windbreak has been one of the standard blue ones with the multi-coloured stripes at the bottom that EVERYONE has, you must have seen one?!? Well this year, we are going to look very swish as we have been sent a gorgeous windbreak to review from Olpro and I LOVE it! Yes, I did actually say that I LOVE a windbreak because it’s so flipping pretty and it’s really long and it’s really tall so we will have privacy guaranteed, it won’t completely coordinate with our tent as ours is many shades of blue but if you like yours to co-ordinate then Olpro do a full range of camping equipment (including tents) to complement.

Olpro Windbreak

Do you know what else I love about it? The poles have metal tips and metal rings around the top of the poles which makes them even easier to drive into the ground without wrecking the poles. The fabric is actually fabric too, none of that plastic weave stuff, oh no this is a soft fabric with a very pretty design on it and I’m pretty sure that IF the children were to spill anything on it, stand on it in their muddy shoes or worse (you know what children can be like) then it’s just a case of slipping the fabric off the poles, popping in the washing machine on a cool wash and it should all look spangly and new again. Up until now I have only been able to pop it up in the garden but I can feel a camping trip coming up on the horizon . . . just as soon as it has warmed up a bit because we aren’t THAT brave!

DISCLAIMER: We received the above windbreak free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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