Lillie: Now you are 10 years old

It’s now 10 years since the morning you were placed on my tummy with a line down your face from the forceps which helped you to get out into the world. Daddy and I both cried tears of joy to finally have our little girl with us, even if Daddy did mistake your umbilical cord initially and declare that you were a boy, ‘no a girl, oh no maybe a girl . . . . yes a girl!!’. I had hoped and prayed for 9 long months that you would be a girl, that I would be able to give your Daddy the one thing that he didn’t have and there you were.


When you look into the eyes of your newborn baby, you can’t begin to imagine what they will be like in 10 years time and how life will shape them but I am here to tell you that you are one very special young lady, our gorgeous girl. At 10 years old you are the most beautiful smiley girl with a big heart and good intentions. You have a natural affinity to want to care for people, animals and the world around you. You’re less inclined to care for your younger brothers unless the wind is in the right direction but as we have come to realise with you from a very young age, you will only do what you want to do. The majority of the time I deeply admire this trait of yours, I call it tenacity but actually you have just inherited my stubborn streak. I tell myself that it will stand you well in the future but boy in the meantime it’s a tough one to parent.

Over the years we have had our ups and downs, perhaps it’s because we are so similar and neither one of us wants to back down but I do love you so very much. Believe it or not I hate to argue with you, I just want what is best for you and hope that one day you will see that.


You are a hard worker and love to help people, it fills me with pride when people tell me what a wonderful girl you are and how you have helped them. I see you actively seeking people to help and it’s such a lovely thing for you to do.

At 10 years old, you are still driving me mad with your ‘fussy’ eating though we both know that it is so much more than ‘just fussy eating’. You have a real phobia of food that I totally relate too, I was that girl too. So listen to me when I say that it won’t always be that way, you will grow stronger and come to realise that food isn’t as scary as you once thought. At 42 years I am still trying new foods today. There is so much to experience in this life, so much fun to be had and so many treats to be enjoyed.


These past 10 years have flown by my beautiful girl so I ask you to please slow down, I’m not ready for you to be a grown up just yet. Take the time to enjoy every moment, to stop, look and listen every now and then to realise just how lucky you are. Life is precious and so are you. Happy 10th Birthday Lillie, thank you for the amazing girl you are.

I will love you to infinity and beyond. Mummy xxx

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