Lillie checks out NumNoms Series 5

Earlier this week Lillie received a surprise pack of goodies from the new Series 5 NumNoms which was met with an excited squeal.


What are NumNoms?



NumNoms are now into the 5th series of their cute collectable awesomeness. They are designed to look and smell like all different kinds of foods and treats. The NumNoms are stackable, squishy and very cute but that’s not all. The Nums are soft, squishy, hollow centred characters which nest on top of Noms which are the hard-shelled characters.

The hard-shelled Noms characters take on five different forms: lip gloss called Gloss-Up Noms, nail polish called Polish-It Noms, lights called Light-Up Noms, and in the previous series there have also been motors (to scoot them around) or they can act as stamps or erasers. Stack them on top of each other and they become NumNoms.

Delicious Desserts 12 Pack


Lillie received the NumNoms Delicious Desserts pack which contains 10 Nums, one of which is a mystery Num and 2 Gloss-Up Noms, all encased in a plastic box which can be kept to store them in. The new series 5 themes are: rice krispies, roll cakes, crepes and breads!

NumNoms can be mixed and matched to create sweet scented recipes, check out the enclosed collector’s menu to see which recipe you want to create next. There are so many combinations to make and collect as well as the special edition NumNoms.

NumNoms Magazine


Lillie also received the NumNoms magazine issue 13 which came with free metallic stickers, and NumNoms scented Style Set. Lillie was very taken with the cute little coin purse and pink hair bow, the keyring is already adorning one of her handbags along with the badge and the ‘lipstick’ is actually a cleverly concealed pen.

Inside the magazine, there are fun stories to read, puzzles to complete and fun activities. Lillie has packed this away in her bag ready for her sleepover at Nanna’s house.

NumNoms Lights Series 3



The last gift in Lillie’s surprise parcel was a Light Up ring, these are cute little Light-Up Noms which can be popped inside a Num or placed on the ring which comes in the pack too. Lillie’s Light Up Nom is Apple Rock who glows green and blue.

In a little more detail

Lillie loves the opportunity to record an unboxing video and asked if she could do one for the NumNoms where she will take you into a little more detail with the magazine and the Delicious Desserts.

DISCLAIMER: Lillie was sent the NumNoms goodies for the purpose of this post. All words, images, video and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.






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