5 Pieces of Safety Gear for Construction Workers to Wear During Winter

As dangerous as construction sites are to work at normally, the risk of working there doubles during winter. In winter, the construction workers not only have to be careful of the working conditions but also have to protect themselves from the weather. As it turns out, construction workers can easily be exposed to various health conditions in cold weather.

Cold and icy conditions can increase the risk of slippery surfaces, not to mention the low light level during winter mornings or poor visibility with a frosty fog or snowfall! Fortunately, mobile scaffold hire containment, along with this fall safety netting, can help to protect your job site and workers from falling due to poor footing on ice or being unable to see properly, ensuring you can maintain optimal performance levels throughout the year.

Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

Fortunately, mobile scaffold hire containment helps protect your job site and workers from the extreme cold so you can maintain optimal performance levels.

The only way construction workers can keep themselves safe from dangers caused by uncontrollable shivering and garbled voice while working on a construction site during winter is to wear personal protective equipment. This article will brief you about the five most necessary pieces of safety gear that construction workers must wear during winter.

1- Insulated Gloves

Most of the construction companies you work for might provide these. If not, you can buy insulated gloves from any hardware store in bulk. A pair of insulated gloves is a necessity you won’t be able to work without on a worksite during winter. The biggest reason to wear insulated gloves is to keep your hands from shivering, freezing, going numb, and causing any trouble on the site. You can’t just work on a construction site with your hands in your jacket pockets all the time.

2- Protective Eye Wear

Although personal protective gear is something you should always wear while working on a construction site, a few items, like protective eyewear, become extremely necessary during winter. If the site you’re working at is in some remote and open area with cold high winds, then you’ll need to protect your eyes at all costs.

3- Insulated and Waterproof Boots

Comfortable, waterproof, and insulated boots are essential pieces of safety gear. Make sure you buy a pair of graded boots to bear the cold and wet weather to keep your feet warm and protected. You can check out the variety of insulated boots fit for wearing on a construction site at workwearHub.com.au.

4- Jackets

Jackets are a must. You can’t imagine working out in the open without proper jackets that can withstand the cold weather and winter rains. Although jackets will keep your body warm, it is highly recommended that you add more layers according to your body’s resistance to cold weather.

5- Beanies

Most of you must’ve seen construction workers wearing hard caps with headlamps, but wearing a beanie underneath in winter makes sense to keep your head warm. Wearing beanies can effectively reduce the heat that is released through your head. Construction workers feel warm, comfortable, and active with a warm woollen cover on their heads.

The list of personal protective gear for construction workers is quite long. It includes other items as important as those mentioned in this article, like respirators, earplugs, and face masks to protect your face, neck, and mouth from cold winds. Remember, a construction worker is only fit to work during winter if he has complete protective gear on.

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