Lifft Sling

It’s no secret that I love baby-wearing; I kiss and cuddle my children all the time (I’m sure they are sick of me, but I can’t help it; they are just so gorgeous!) so when Boots asked me if I would like to review the Lifft Sling I snapped their hands off, not the children’s hands – Boots – oh you know what I mean!

I had been looking for something really simple to use for the school run because it takes too much time to put Beanie Boy into the pushchair for such a short walk. I have tried using my other baby carrier, but again, it takes a lot of sorting out for just a short walk, so then I tried just carrying him, but it turns out the walk is far enough to make my arms ache.

The Lifft Sling is so easy to use it has become my must-have accessory. Its home is now the door pocket in the back of the car so that when I want to carry Beanie Boy, all I have to do is pop the sling across my body, slip Beanie Boy into it and then open the sling up under his bottom and up his back. It is really comfortable to wear, and the weight is really well distributed between my shoulder and my hip.

We even took the Lifft on holiday with us, and I used it to carry Beanie Boy to the beach so that we didn’t have to mess about with the pushchair on the sand. Beanie Boy is really happy to be carried around in the Lifft because he’s such a cuddly boy, and he likes to be close to me.

Lifft Sling

The Lifft can be used from birth up to 35lbs in a variety of positions, it is great for breastfeeding and the unique design means that it is the ONLY sling scientifically proven to improve your posture when carrying your little one. There are no buckles, knots or fasteners to mess about with, so it is really easy to use. The Lifft is machine washable on a cool wash, so it is easy to care for, too. Unlike most baby carriers, the Lifft comes in different sizes so that it fits you. You just buy the Lifft in your usual t-shirt/dress size, and if it doesn’t fit, they will happily exchange garments as often as necessary to find the Lifft size which is right for you.

If you’re thinking that you have seen the Lifft somewhere before, you may remember it from Theo Paphitis’ Britain’s Next Big Thing, where it was chosen from thousands of applications to be featured on the hit TV show. The program followed Louise Day (founder and creator of the Lifft sling) in her rise to success, where she pitched to Boots The Chemist. The Lifft has been hailed as a “benchmark Boots product” because of its health benefits, such as promoting breastfeeding, baby bonding, and good posture. The Navy colourway is exclusive to Boots.

Louise designed the Lifft because she couldn’t find a sling to match her needs so decided to come up with her own and her success is amazing. I met Louise who said that it has been hard work as it was all taking off around the time that she was a new Mum herself (and we all know how difficult those first few months can be!). But the hard work has paid off and she has a fantastic product which will benefit lots of new parents, me included!

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