How to Keep Your Campervan Safe and Secure When on Holiday

Campervans can come in handy if you are an adventurous person who likes the outside world and camping. These vehicles contain everything you need when camping and are considered to be the ultimate mobile camping site. Owning a mazda bt 50 thunder campervan can bring many advantages, especially if you frequently go on camping trips as it makes the trips easy to plan. Your accommodation and transport are sorted, plus it is easy to carry all your supplies and cook your meals.

How to Keep Your Campervan Safe and Secure When on Holiday 1
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However, owning a campervan comes with challenges like security. Thugs can break into your campervan in search of valuables when you are not around. The campervan can also be stolen by people looking for cheap parts.

Keeping your campervan safe and protected can be very challenging because it cannot fit into standard garages. You will also be spending most of the time in public parks where security is not guaranteed.

There is, therefore, a need to look for measures that will help maintain the safety and protection of your campervan if you want to worry-free holidays.

Best measures to put in place

Taking an insurance cover for your campervan

This is the best way to ensure your campervan is protected and secure because campervans have become an easy target for theft and break-ins. Taking an insurance cover for your campervan can put your mind at ease when on holiday as you know you will be compensated in case damage you have covered for occurs; below are some covers you can take.

  • Theft and loss of the campervan and third-party break-ins.
  • Damage caused by accidents.
  • Environmental hazards like storms, floods, Fires or any other damages that may occur to the campervan.

Various insurance companies provide different quotes for covering campervans. To get the best quotes on campervan insurance click here and compare the various quotes provided by the various insurance companies.

Installing advanced security features on your campervan

Installing advanced security tools can dig deep into your pockets, but it is necessary to ensure your campervan is safe. You can invest in features such as immobilisers, motion detectors, CCTVs, and alarm systems. Some of the good well-known security systems for campervans are;

  • Tattletale security system
  • Guardian Systems
  • Guardzilla security system

The advanced security features can be connected to phones and mobile devices, giving you a chance to monitor your campervan from anywhere. With this, you can notify the authorities whenever there is an issue. The alarms can go off every time there is an attempt to break into the van, thus scaring the thieves and notifying those around that someone is trying to break in.

Installing steering locks and wheel clamps can also be very helpful in preventing theft of the campervan.

Installing tracking and tracing systems

In case theft has occurred when you are on holiday, having GPS tracking systems in place can help in its recovery as you can remotely pinpoint the campervan’s real-time location using your mobile phone or a computer. Sharing the location with security agencies enables them to find the campervan and recover it quickly. You can also connect the tracking system to your phone, and it will notify you when the campervan is in motion.

How to Keep Your Campervan Safe and Secure When on Holiday 2
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Parting Words

Owning a campervan can be very fun and exciting. But with them being targeted, it requires one to be prepared to invest in features that keep them safe and secure, especially when on holiday. The above tips will help you keep your campervan safe and secure at all times.

How to Keep Your Campervan Safe and Secure When on Holiday 3

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