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Just call me teacher!

On Saturday I entered a new role. For the past couple of months I have been working at a local Craft Shop part-time just helping to keep on top of stock and to fund my hobby of jewellery making. At the weekend I took my very first class teaching Beginner’s Jewellery Making.

image Before I left the house I actually felt quite sick with nerves, I have every confidence in my jewellery making skills but standing up in front of people talking isn’t really my thing so I was really anxious about how it would go. The thing is, sometimes you just have to push yourself to do something you’re not totally confident in or you’ll never expand your experiences and abilities. My friend and boss, D, gave me a little pep talk before I began and H was on hand to help if I needed anything. When I arrived at the teaching area I was even more nervous to find two tables set up for the class, that was more people than I was expecting.

All my lovely ladies arrived and were friendly and keen to get going on the four hour class. During the class I taught various techniques and pieces of jewellery, all of which my students would take home with them. The time passed really quickly and I wondered whether we would manage to fit it all in but somehow we did and we even time for a spot of yummy banana and chocolate cake made by H (I must get the recipe from her!).

By the end of the class my ladies were all feeling very proud of themselves and I was feeling rather proud too, proud of them for the beautiful pieces they created and proud of me for making it through the class in one piece!

The highlight came the following evening when I received a text from D to say that she had received feedback saying that the class had been thoroughly enjoyable and that I was a natural teacher – and I didn’t even have to pay her!

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