Jelly Bean – it’s time for change!

I really can’t believe that Jelly Bean is four and half months old already, it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was sitting here precariously balancing my laptop on my knees as it was fighting for space with my baby bump. It’s funny how despite having had babies before I still feel like a first time Mum with Jelly Bean, I find myself turning to my blog, to other websites and to friends and family for advice and tips. I just don’t remember at what stage Little Bean and Beanie Boy hit milestones such as smiling, rolling over and sitting up. At the time you think “I will never forget this moment” and although I remember how they looked and what they were wearing at those special times, I just can’t remember their age at the time.

Sleeping Baby

The other thing that I don’t remember is at what stage with each of them I moved them from sleeping downstairs during the evenings to giving them an actual bedtime and moving them up to their rooms to sleep. With Jelly Bean I have been more reluctant to move him to his bedroom because he will be sharing with Beanie Boy who is a fairly light sleeper and once woken WILL NOT go back to sleep without a bottle of milk (that’s another blog post right there!!). Tonight I took that plunge and once the tiddlers had been put to bed I gave Jelly Bean a massage with lavender oil, fed him and tucked him up in his crib in our bedroom. Downstairs I am feeling a little odd, like something or more importantly ‘someone’ is missing. His day crib is empty and I haven’t spent the evening laughing or constantly saying to Hubby “look he’s doing this” or “ahhh can you hear him snoring”. It’s been four and a half months since it was just Hubby and I sitting in the lounge and it feels a little odd, whilst good at the same time.

I’m still not ready to move him to his bedroom with Beanie Boy but it will be happening soon . . .

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