Jelly Bean got his first telling off!

Recently, Jelly Bean’s movements have become a lively spectacle in my belly. His kicks are stronger, and he seems to play a little game of push-and-kick whenever a hand rests on my bump. It’s almost like he’s eager to interact, especially if the owner of the hand engages him in conversation. I’m keen for Little Bean and Beanie Boy to start forming a bond with their soon-to-be sibling, so I encourage them to chat, pat, or kiss my tummy. Beanie Boy, with his unique charm, prefers to blow raspberries on it – a gesture that never fails to stir a reaction from Jelly Bean!

Jelly Bean

During dinner last night, Jelly Bean started his lively dance routine. Seizing the moment, I invited Little Bean to feel the kicks. Her hand gently found its place on my bump as she said, “Hello baby, this is your big Sister talking.” The response from Jelly Bean was immediate – a distinct kick right where her hand lay. The joy on Little Bean’s face was priceless, her smile radiating pure delight.

This morning’s cuddle session on the sofa with Beanie Boy brought another chance for sibling interaction. Feeling Jelly Bean’s wriggles, I guided Beanie Boy’s hand to my tummy, encouraging him to talk to the baby. Mimicking his sister from the night before, he innocently declared, “Hello, me big Sister!” – a mix-up I’ll have to gently correct later. Jelly Bean’s kick in response was unmistakable. Beanie Boy’s eyes widened in surprise, “What’s that?” he asked. “That’s baby kicking you,” I explained. Beanie Boy, with all the seriousness a toddler can muster, looked at my tummy and scolded, “No baby, no kicking, naughty baby!” Oh, the joys of toddler logic!

Beanie Boy cross face

(On a lighter note, when I asked Beanie Boy to show me his ‘cross’ face for a photo, he couldn’t manage it, too busy trying to hold back his laughter!)

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    • He is doing very well yes, had his 2 yr check up with the Nursery Nurse the other day and she seemed very impressed. It’s hard to remember what Little Bean’s speech was like at this age 🙁

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