Is your business COVID-19 PPE ready?

Perhaps you have a child-friendly cafe or a beautician service and you can’t wait for the lockdown restrictions to ease, so you can open up again. And I’m sure that your customers and clients can’t wait for you to open up as well! However, it’s important to have all the personal protective equipment (PPE) in place for the grand re-opening to guarantee the safety of you and your visitors.

Are you PPE ready?

Is your business COVID-19 PPE ready?

You might have heard this term being used when talking about the on-going coronavirus pandemic, but what really is PPE and why is it so important?

As this article on the BBC explains, PPE includes items such as masks, gloves, eye protection, safety helmets and high-visibility clothing – wearable items designed to keep people safe.

When you are working closely with others, having proper personal protective equipment can help reduce the spread and in turn, save lives.

What you need

Is your business COVID-19 PPE ready?

Aviation Spares have a large collection of PPE equipment available to support staff and businesses all across the globe. This range of equipment includes:

During these times, it’s also important to combine PPE measurements with other guidelines, including hand hygiene and social distancing, when possible. If you are looking for more information about COVID-19 personal protective equipment, is publishing daily information about all you need to know about guidance and support for businesses and staff during the pandemic.

Whatever your business, if you are looking to open again soon you'll need to ensure you are Covid-19 PPE ready to keep you, your staff and customers safe.

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