Bye Bye Hotels! Introducing The Most Amenity-laden, Comfortable, And Affordable Accommodation Options

Staying at a hotel is a thing of the past. As new accommodation options are filling the travel industry, travellers are looking beyond the idea of staying at conventional dwellings. Hotels and resorts have lost some part of their business to other comfortable and affordable accommodation options. 

Affordable Accommodation Options

With the current pandemic situation and numerous benefits that alternative accommodation options have over hotels, the accommodation market across the USA is witnessing a shift. 

While most travellers are already walking this path, what are you waiting for? As it’s high time to travel smart, let us introduce you to the most killer, comfortable, and alternative affordable accommodation options. 



It is a common misconception that hostels are for young travellers. However, contrary to it, a hostel makes up an excellent option for any budget traveller, irrespective of their age.

If you aren’t willing to compromise on your privacy, ditch a shared dorm and opt for a basic private room at a much lower tariff than any basic hotel room. Plus, most hostels provide you with a community kitchen to prepare your own meal, making it a fit for your budget. 

Apart from the budget factor, hostels are great for backpackers and those who do not burden their travel with a schedule. 

Vacation rentals 

A vacation rental is one of the hottest trends gripping the market. Today, they are found almost everywhere. You can easily find apartments in Sound Bend, IN, villas in Austin, TX, or beach houses in Los Angeles, CA. 

They are large, luxurious, comfortable, and most of all, they are private, which is an essential requirement when travelling at the time of the pandemic. There are many other benefits of staying at vacation rental properties

Depending on your company, you can select from several options, such as apartments, independent homes, beach houses, cottages, etc. You get large bedrooms, washrooms, and even a kitchen to prepare your food. 

Another factor that contributes to their rising popularity is that they provide a local living experience. 

Religious housing 

Religious housing is an offbeat travel accommodation option but very comfortable and budget-friendly. 

Religious housing options like ashrams in India, Jewish guesthouses in Jerusalem, and Convents in Italy welcome guests with open arms. You can find Christian guesthouses in the USA too. 

The biggest benefit of religious housing is that you get to enjoy a serene stay amidst a calm and peaceful setting. 



B&Bs stand for bed and breakfast. They are small lodgings, basically private homes that offer you overnight accommodation and breakfast. 

At B&Bs, you stay with a family in their home in a spare room. You might have to share the bathroom, and hence, it is better if you check all the facilities in advance. 


Rather than accommodation, we would like to call camping an experience, a magical experience, to be more precise. The thrill of sleeping under the star, wrapped in a blanket of cool air and without any gadget (which is quite unusual these days), enriches any holiday experience. 

What makes camping more economical is that you even save money on your meals. As you cook your own food over a campfire (another worthwhile experience), you save a great deal of money. 

If you are under the impression that staying at a camp might be uncomfortable, you are mistaken. You can opt for luxury tent camps or even cabins to add a dash of luxury to your stay. 

The Bottom Line 

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Accommodation always takes up the biggest part of a person’s travel budget. But with these latest accommodation options, travellers can now enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay without having to drill a hole in their pocket. Moreover, these options also add oodles to the entire holiday experience. 

Bye Bye Hotels! Introducing The Most Amenity-laden, Comfortable, And Affordable Accommodation Options 1

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