An interview with Beanie Boy aged 4yrs 4mths

Beanie BoyWhilst out and about today and having a little chat with Beanie Boy, I decided a fun post for me (and him) to look back on and I shall do the same with the other Beans.

What is your favourite colour? Gold (I was sure he would have said Red as that really IS his favourite colour but he was holding his new Gold Power Ranger at the time!)

What game do you enjoy playing most with your friends? Spiderman

Who is your best TV character or character from a film? “The Red Power Ranger . . . but I don’t like the girls”

If you could choose a day out with Mummy and Daddy, where do you like going best? Swimming (this is an interesting one since the last time we took him swimming he lasted all of four minutes because he didn’t like it?)

What is your favourite food? Jammie Dodgers (nothing to do with the fact that he was eating one at the time I am sure!)

What is your favourite story to listen to? Enormous Crocodile (Roald Dahl)

Who is your favourite band or best song? One Way or Another by One Direction

What is your favourite video game? Super Mario World and Super Smash Bros.

What would you like to be when you grow up? A Power Ranger!!! (Little Bean told BB “you can’t be a Power Ranger, you have to be something like a builder or a chef or a policeman”. BB replied “NO!!! I’m going to be a Power Ranger”).

Can you tell me a joke? Yes! What do snakes eat????? People! (don’t give up the day job!)

If you had a bag full of money and could buy anything you wanted to right now, what would you buy? Erm, a Black Power Ranger.

It just goes to show that even when you think you know EXACTLY what your children will say, they always manage to surprise you!! Next up, we shall see what Little Bean has to say for herself . . .

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