Saturday Snippets – 07/02/2015

{Feeling} tired! I went out shopping today with my Mum. It was a day we had planned since New Year’s Day to go to the sales and spend our Christmas pennies and vouchers. Unfortunately we were both too ill to go so we postponed and today was our first opportunity. We had a lovely day together and apart from Xmas shopping one day in December this was the first time we had been for a day out since our birthdays last May!!

{Planning} Hubby’s 40th Birthday celebrations. Yes Hubby turns 40 in April so we want to do something special. He doesn’t want to have a party so we are hoping to have a meal out with the Beans and close family one evening and have a night away with close friends another night.

{Amazed} by how quickly Jelly Bean’s conversational skills are coming along. He is growing up sooo fast and seems to say more and more each day. As Hubby says, he is a total sponge and just soaks up every little bit of information and learning that he can.

Saturday Snippets

{Loving} my new hair style. It’s not even a major change but yet it seems to have made the world of difference to me. I didn’t have any intentions of changing my hair until I drove to my appointment. On the way there I caught sight of my ‘slap head’ in the rear review mirror and decided I needed a heavy fringe. I have had fringes in the past but I think I have always played it too safe.

We had a fun week this week with Jelly Bean’s birthday celebrations and his Cake Smash photoshoot. The Beans have all been on pretty good form and Little Bean even got a house point for eating all of her lunch at school one day. She has also been really keen to do lots of extra school work at home this week so I’m feeling particularly proud of her efforts. The boys and I had loads of fun with Playdoh this week, Beanie Boy made a pepperoni pizza with cheesy stuffed crusts. Beanie Boy had a good week at preschool and is really coming on with getting himself dressed. All of a sudden he has grasped the zipper on his jackets and has the BIGGEST smile on his face when he runs into our bedroom in the mornings fully dressed.Curly has been telling me all about the gifts he has been buying for his girlfriend for Valentines day with his pocket money. How can he really be at the age for having a girlfriend?!?

How was your week?

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  1. Enjoy all those small milestones as they go by fast. I was joined at my DD basketball game by my sister and her 3 year old grand daughter. 11 years ago it was DD at age three watching her big sis play, but seems like yesterday.

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