An interview with Little Bean aged 6 years 9 months

Little BeanA few weeks ago I decided to do something a little different on the blog with regards to the Beans. I wanted something that we could look back on in year’s to come and hopefully raise a few smiles over or even stifle a few giggles. Such is the mind of children as they change and grow that their tastes and wishes change to so I have been asking the Beans a few simple questions. I intend to re-visit these questions in time to see how much they have changed. I started with Beanie Boy as he was the only one around at the time and now it’s Little Bean’s turn . . .

What is your favourite colour? Silver – because sometimes you can make things with silver.

What game do you enjoy playing most with your friends? Dragons – where someone pretends to be a dragon and if they catch you then you become a dragon with them.

Who is your best TV character or character from a film? “From TV I LOVE Art Ninja and from film, oh this is a really hard one because I love sooooo many Mummy. Ok I’ll say Tinkerbell!!”

If you could choose a day out with Mummy and Daddy, where do you like going best? Pizza Hut  Are you sure you don’t mean Pizza Express??? No, this time I fancy Pizza Hut so that I can have the unlimited ice cream and sweets!!!

What is your favourite food? Your pancakes Mummy.

What is your favourite story to listen to? 101 Dalmations

Who is your favourite band or best song? Will.I.Am (incidentally the Black Eyed Peas: Boom Boom Boom was the first tune that LB got up and danced to as a toddler).

What is your favourite video game? Tomadachi Life

What would you like to be when you grow up? A vet – because I want to care for animals

Can you tell me a joke? What do you call a man with two pieces of wood on his head? Edward Wood.

If you had a bag full of money and could buy anything you wanted to right now, what would you buy? Some perfume and some smelly gel for you and Daddy awwwww!! (Apparently by smelly gel she meant shower gel).


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