If anyone needs me today . . . 1

If anyone needs me today . . .

20 week scan I will be finding out the sex of our baby!!!

How quickly does pregnancy go these days? It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was publishing a post on here telling the world that we were to become parents again and now we are already at the half-way mark (well unless Jelly Bean – as we have decided to name the bump – decides to arrive late like Little Bean did). Yes tomorrow is my 20 week scan and I am very much looking forward to seeing Jelly Bean on the scan again, over the last few weeks I have been feeling more and more movements, which has to be the most amazing feeling in the world (well apart from when they use your bladder as a trampoline – not so much fun!).

This week I received the results of a blood test requested by my Consultant and have been told that I need to take Thyroxcine for 8 weeks because my levels are lower than they would like and yesterday I received a phone call from Little Bean’s summer school to say that some of the children who were in on Little Bean’s last day have presented with Slapped Cheek so now I need to go and see my Doctor about that. I’m hoping that since Little Bean had Slapped Cheek before I should be immune but apparently it can be dangerous for me and baby so it’s better to be safe than sorry!!

In the meantime, if you fancy your chances at guessing the sex of our baby (Curly wants a brother, Little Bean wants a Sister and I think Beanie Boy would quite like a rabbit – nope I can’t pull one of those out!!) then just for fun why not register your vote in my sidebar to the left there. So far I have only received 5 votes and it’s 4/1 that it’s a girl. Could that 1 person be right?

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