Little Bean’s first trip to A&E (and hopefully her last!)

Yesterday morning Little Bean, Beanie Boy, Nanny G and I spent a few hours at our local A&E Department. The day before, we had spent an enjoyable family day out at Drayton Manor Park (more on that to come soon), where we were attending a blog event. It was one of our most enjoyable days out this summer, the sun shone all day, we caught up with some lovely friends, and I don’t think we had to tell the children off once they were so well behaved (at times, I thought perhaps I had taken the wrong children!!).

Mummy Matters

Shortly after lunch, we stumbled across the children’s adventure playground, and Little Bean and Beanie Boy very excitedly asked if they could go in. Hubby took them both in whilst I waited outside with the pushchair and bags. They had been in there for about 15 minutes when I heard a scream, one which unmistakably belonged to my Little Bean. It was horrible because I couldn’t see any of them as they had gone around the back of a large train-like structure, so I just had to wait until Hubby came around the corner carrying a very tearful Little Bean with Beanie Boy trailing behind. Whilst challenging herself on a climbing frame, her foot slipped, and she landed astride a metal bar and had come down very heavily on her girlie bits. I whipped her off to the toilets quickly to check her over and was upset to see that she had blood in her pants. Understandably she was extremely sore but was keen to carry on with a few of the more gentle rides that we could find for her. She seemed to recover from her injury quite well until we headed to the toilet before beginning the journey home, but the moment she tried to pee, she screamed again and flew off the toilet. I had to carry her all the way back to the car because she was in so much pain with it.

When we arrived home, I gave her a warm bath with lavender oil and milk and told her that if she found it less painful, on this occasion, it was ok for her to do a pee in the bath, but she kept crying, saying she was too frightened to. In the morning, I had to deal with a very stressed out Little Bean who was too frightened to wee or poo, and so again I had to run a bath so that she could wee, but upon checking, I couldn’t be sure that there wasn’t some blood in her urine too.

After a phone call to Nanny G, I arranged to meet her at the City A&E Department as I wanted to be sure that everything was ok for her and Nanny G would look after Beanie Boy whilst I took Little Bean in to see the Doctors. Little Bean was so brave telling the Nurse what had happened, and they gave her some Calpol to bolster the Calprofen I had given her earlier. I then encouraged her to drink as much as possible so that her pee would be less concentrated and wouldn’t ‘burn’ and also because the Doctors said they wouldn’t be happy about her leaving until they had checked her urine for blood. After about 45 minutes and a little bribery persuasion from Nanny, G Little Bean finally agreed to do a pee in a bowl for me to bottle her urine for the Doctors.

As I expected, the Docs had to give her a full body check to be sure that she wasn’t the victim of abuse at all. This unnerved Little Bean somewhat (would you like to lay fully naked on a table in front of a strange man and woman you have never seen before?), but after a check over they were happy that there had been no permanent damage done and her urine had proved clear of blood, so we were able to go home.

I was so proud of how well my little lady handled herself at the Doctors and so relieved that she hadn’t seriously damaged herself. She is still a little on the sore side today, so we had a quiet day at home, but she is on the road to recovery, and we are enjoying lots of lovely cuddles along the way.

Last night Little Bean’s new Fairy Door came into play as the Fairies left her a special little note and a little present for being such a brave girl; she was over the moon this morning!

**As ever I received great support from Twitter offering words of comfort and advice – so thank you, it really does help 🙂 **

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