I have been converted to online shopping!

Shopping It’s funny how things change over time isn’t it. Before having children I wouldn’t even contemplate shopping online or from a catalogue “where’s the fun in that?” I would think. I used to love the opportunity to wander at my leisure around the shops and browse to my heart’s content. I loved the feeling of coming home from a day’s spending spree laden down with bags and aching feet. Then children came into my life and I hate to admit it but going out shopping became much less fun. I used to joke with the shop assistants that Daddy had been training the children to scream the moment Mummy set foot in a shop. I tried ignoring their screams in the hope that they would stop but they didn’t, I tried giving them food, sweets, toys, you name it, it didn’t work. It always ends the same, they scream, Mummy gets stressed out and can’t remember what she went in for and we all go home, minus the shopping bags and with an aching head instead of aching feet!

I first discovered online shopping during the night feeds with Little Bean. If I didn’t have my smartphone to hand I would fall asleep, sometimes I would find people to speak to on Twitter, sometimes I would have my best thoughts on how to decorate a specific room or what would make the ideal present for that relative and suddenly a new world opened up to me. I started with the shops that I already knew from the high street but then realised that I could buy the same items from other online retailers for less.

Online shopping

These days I do the majority of my shopping online (when the children have gone to bed) usually with my feet up on a bean bag, cup of tea in hand and often a box of chocolates at my side, this is shopping in luxury! I can find EXACTLY what I am looking for without having to trawl around the shops, Hubby can watch TV and air his thoughts when needed without being dragged from shop to shop and then I sit back and wait for a nice delivery person to drop it right to my front door. I find this especially helpful when it comes to buying items for the home. We recently redecorated all three children’s rooms to make space for Jelly Bean’s imminent arrival, this meant moving all the children around and because of the changes in room size it also meant they all needed new furniture and lots of great storage for all their clothes and toys. Through my browsing I found a great website called Kandco.com, it was really easy to navigate with it’s tabbed pages and the sidebar menus made it easier to refine the searches to exactly what I was looking for. I found the prices to be very competitive and could see at a glance whether the item I was interested in was actually in stock, it’s size, colour options, previous customers reviews and payment options too. They sell everything from Women’s fashion to electricals and toys, check it out – you’d be mad not to!

Shopping Bag Image courtesy of Suat Eman/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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