Hungry? The Innocent Recipe Book


What is it?

A recipe book full of healthy, no fuss flavoursome meals that the whole family can enjoy, all the recipes are quick and easy to prepare either on your own or with the ‘help’ of your children. More than 100 recipes to choose from with a good selection of classic family favourites, ideas for all times of the day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, snacks and no recipe book would be complete without puddings!


Who are Innocent?

In 1999 three guys by the names of Adam, Richard and Jon decided they had spent far too long leading an unhealthy life, working late, eating rubbish and talking the talk about starting up a business but not actually doing anything about it. They spent £500 of fruit and made a batch of smoothies which they sold at a small musical festival in London. Above their stall they displayed a sign saying “Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?” and then had bins for Yes or No answers. The bin for Yes was full and so they did it, they gave up their jobs and set up Innocent and have gone from strength to strength ever since!


What do we think?

We love the design of the book, the cover is really clean and fresh looking and we couldn’t believe how thick the book is, it really is crammed with so many mouth-watering recipes. Hungry? is so much more than a cook book, it really is geared towards the whole family. Each recipe has steps which are written in light grey so that your children can join in and there are lots of ideas and activities that you can do whilst you are waiting for an ingredient to marinate or cook. I am hoping to become a domestic goddess over the next year and use my cook books to learn how to cook healthy meals for my family and with the struggles that I have with Little Bean and her issues over eating I am hoping that Hungry? will encourage her to cook with me and begin to accept new foods.



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