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I swear yesterday she was still a baby, crawling around the house in a dress and a nappy, so how can it be that already Hubby and I are visiting schools trying to decide where to send her next year. Our little princes and princesses just grow up so fast you really have to squeeze every ounce of childhood out of them whilst you can.

image So far being a mother I have pretty much trusted my instincts and it hasn’t got me too far wrong (I don’t think) but choosing a school for her is making me nervous. We have five schools to choose from but I suppose really the choice is down to two or three. Little Bean currently attends pre-school in the next village from our house which is just a 5 minute drive away and by coincidence two of our neighbours children attend the same pre-school so they are friends in and out of school. More importantly Little Bean’s best friend Ella goes to pre-school with her. We have known Ella since the girls were just 6 weeks old and have seen each other most days ever since.

One of the primary schools we are looking at is the school next to Little Bean’s pre-school because we really like the look of it, one of our neighbours children goes there and up until recently had given it a glowing report (troubles with current teacher), it has a good Offsted report and because we know that Ella will most likely be going there too. But just a 5 minute walk from our house is another really good primary school which has very similar attributes to the other school we are contemplating and I could save money on fuel by walking to school everyday instead of driving BUT Ella won’t be there and I feel sad about separating the girls as they have done everything together up until now. They miss each other when they don’t see each other and I feel if we chose the school closest to us then inevitably the girls would grow apart as they made new friends at their respective schools. I guess in that last sentence I have my answer but then why do I still feel drawn to the other school?

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This feels like one of the biggest decisions of my life and I just want to be sure I’m making the best decision, what helped you to decide where to send your children? Your comments and advice would be most gratefully accepted!

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  1. OMG! Those pictures are so precious. Made me a bit teary to be honest.
    Of course we would miss you if you go to another school but there’s no WAY you’re getting rid of us! You’re stuck! So there…we’ll support any decision you make! 😉

    Karin & Ella

  2. It is a massive decision and one I wholeheartedly sympathise with you about. My second son went to a large town school because I wanted to go back to work and childcare was a problem. Within 8 months he was a quiet withdrawn little boy. We took him out at the end of reception and I spent a lot of time looking at other schools (my youngest son was also due to start aswell). I liked the feel of one school, the headteacher was really approachable, the kids really seemed to look out for each other and the staff were lovely. I went in a couple of times to get the feel of a normal day. My sons have been there for two years and they are really happy, confident boys. School choices are really important and I think you can judge it on your instinct, but have a good look around, talk to the teachers and sew how the kids behave. Sorry, a subject I feel really strongly about!

    • Thank you for your comment, I think I need to visit the schools a few times whilst the children are there, like you say to get a ‘feel’ for the place. The teachers can say all the right things at an open evening but I definitely need to see them in action to see if they can deliver.

  3. Not sure which 2 schools u are talking of as I can only think of 4 primary schools?? But I am I the same shoes in that h will follow her sister because I know the school and recent changes have only improved things. From experience it’s a great school and h is so excited. That said, her best friend won’t be in the same school as they are moving house and going to another in our area. The way I see it you have to make the right choice for little bean. They will all be at thesame secondary school and you are to remain friends out of school but there’s no guarantee going to the same school is best for their friendship, school completely changes the dynamics of friendship anyway!! Hope that all makes sense and helps in some way!!!

    • Thank you, one of the schools is out of town and is actually the one we ave decided to put as our first choice -fingers crossed it will be the right decision!

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